I’ve always felt that how you feel about the choices you make are crucial.

Call it gut instinct or intuition or whatever you want. The feelings you have over a decision can have more impact than the decision itself.

If you make up your mind to do something, and you stress out about it afterward, then it’s obvious you aren’t feeling it is a sure shot decision. Maybe your gut is trying to tell you something, or maybe fear has always held you back from making decisions without anxiety. Maybe it’s a trust issue, do you feel safe that everything will be ok in your life?

Whatever the underlying cause is, it would be a good time dig deep within yourself, and find out why you are having a hard time with this specific decision. By working on the underlying fear, it could free you from future anxiety over other choices in your life.

Not only does the anxiety ruin or dampen, any possible good outcomes that could happen, it creates a stress that is just not healthy in any way.

Do you find yourself uneasy about many decisions you make in your life? f so, then this would be a good subject to work on with The Healing Codes. Working on the fear and trust category would be the first step I would suggest.  Freeing yourself from fear alone takes a huge weight off of all aspects of our lives.


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