Self-compassion. What does it mean to you?

As a wife and mother of four children, I realize how important it is to create an environment for myself and my family that feels nurturing and safe.

We, women, want the very best for our families making sure that everyone feels loved and has all the resources they need for school, health, and their social lives.

And we want to have loving connections with our husbands, feeling that we are partners and best friends, leaning on each other when needed.

Aside from that, we take on the job in our family as head chef, chauffeur, counselor, personal shopper, and tutor.

There is nothing in this world as fulfilling as this job!


I know how much love, sweat, and tears go into raising a family. It can be a challenge and sometimes we just need a little support from someone who gets it.

So with that, I feel honored to be involved, as 1 of 32 featured teachers in a course that supports women around the globe in keeping their hopes and dreams alive.

These teachers all come together to offer inspiration and guidance on how to treat yourself with love and compassion. We all come from different backgrounds with different perspectives on life and it’s challenges. With so much joint effort in trying to help you, our hope is that it will lift your spirits and replenish you with that same love you provide to those closest to you.

Self-Compassion 101 is a free, inspirational e-course for women. I’m so excited to join together with this community of phenomenal women on this mission to uplift and encourage women around the world! I hope you’ll sign up and join us today:

It’s time for you special women to take a break and give yourself the support and community this course will provide you.


Each course will help give you new insight, inspiration, and tools to tackle all of life’s challenges as well as meeting new women to form supportive new friendships.

You are amazing and you are worth giving yourself this gift!

I hope to see you there!


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