I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I started doing The Healing Codes, I had a hard time finding a focus while doing the codes themselves.

For those of you that don’t know this, there is a list of free Truth Focus Statements when you sign up on The Healing codes website when you register. Registration is free and there is a TON of help there available for you.

What I mainly do for my focus now is find something that makes me feel good. That warm feeling you get when you look at a sleeping baby for instance. It’s the actual feeling that is more important than the picture or memory itself.

My best example in the moment is this baby bunny in the photo.

They just peaked their heads out yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. What a nice surprise when I sat down on the grass and this one climbed right over to my lap! A feeling of extreme joy and wonderment overtook me. I gently pet the sweet precious baby, letting that warm love feeling spread over my entire body.

This morning as I did my healing codes I captured that feeling and let it do its magic while practicing my code.Β  When I was done I felt like I wanted to skip for the next several hours. What a gift!

There are so many gifts in our everyday lives that bring these feelings forward. Capture one of your own and use it as the gift it is.

If you have trouble today finding something, search your memories for one. If that is still hard trying borrowing one from The Healing Codes website.Β You can also print my Truth Focus Statement poster on the right sidebar of this website to help keep you in the zone.

There are so many things that can bring your feelings up to a higher level. Even the sound of a creek or the chirping of birds in the morning offers a wonderful lift. Look around and put your intention on finding one and it will surely come to you.


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