How are you feeling mentally? What is the ONE thing you need to start working to change your mind right now?


If you are like millions of other people in the world you probably have thoughts, memories, beliefs, and patterns that actually lead you to your choices at any given minute. But what if the things in your mind are not really helpful to you? What if they’re hurting you on many levels?

Take this quiz to find out what’s in your mind that is negatively impacting your life and then start to clear it out.


Remember that just because you have long-standing ways of seeing and acting in your life doesn’t mean you have to continue in the same way. You can choose to use tools that could help you find what is holding you back and change it once and for all. One of my favorite tools are The Healing Codes and you can use this process for just 6 minutes a day to start seeing a transformation. So often people feel stuck, and they are because they’ve run with their old patterns for so long that it becomes normal to them.


Normal can be scary because everyone’s normal is different. That by itself can keep you stuck from moving upward and out of dark holes in life. Think about it… Your normal could be really unhealthy but you continue on with it because the unknown could carry something you might not be prepared for. The thought of something worse keeps you stuck in the same ole same ole pattern that feels safe.


In business, it might mean you don’t try a new product launch because you fear people won’t like it. You put it on the back burner and months later someone else uses that same idea and is an overnight success. You kick yourself because you didn’t step up and out of your comfort zone.


Or maybe you’re having a health issue that no matter what you’ve done with modern medicine it doesn’t budge… You just can’t wrap your mind around trying alternative methods that others have had good luck with because you are worried you’ll be disappointed. So you stick to the same ole things and stay stuck with no good results.


Fear and discomfort can be a powerful trap keeping you stuck. Instead, try letting go of the way you’ve always thought and done things. Figure out what is going on in your mind and subconscious and set yourself on a new amazing journey of transformation.


Come on you know you want to.



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