I think one of our biggest mistakes in life, could be that we don’t take enough time to really enjoy our lives.

We are so busy trying to keep up with the daily demands

And juggling things like kids, jobs, relationships and more that we forget what life is really about.

How about taking a break?  It doesn’t need to be a 10-day vacation, it easily can be a half day hike or going to the farmers market and listening to music for a couple hours. We need more breaks like that more often.

My husband reminded me of that recently. Not because he said he needed a break, he actually felt guilty leaving to go fishing with his buddies.  When he got home this last time I saw a 100 lbs of stress lifted off of him. He looked lighter, happier and more carefree. It reminded me that we need to take times like this for ourselves and add it regularly to all of our to-do lists.

I pat myself on my back for every Healing Code I do every day because I know that it is relieving so much stress. That’s great, but it can’t replace taking walks with my kids,  playing and laughing with them. I still need to enjoy a date night with my husband and maybe lunch with a best friend. I could name dozens of other things we could do that would help us enjoy our lives more. I’ll leave that creativity up to you.

Remember to do The Healing Codes for the accumulated and current stress. But don’t forget to fill yourself with the replenishing feelings having some fun will give you. Never underestimate the power of fun!


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