Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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I’m so excited that my website re-design is finally complete… sigh.

As you can tell there’s been some serious changes around here.

I was busting at the seams with my old site and needed to expand with my growing business. You’ll find that with any kind of success, other changes need to take place as well.

Weight loss requires new clothes right? A bigger family equals a bigger home. You need to shift with those times.

And more clients, programs and services equal… well, new website 🙂


Are you growing? Maybe feeling a bit uncomfortable feeling that squeeze?


Every time you reach for that next big goal you may feel a pinch (or 2 -smile) as you stretch into it.

Over the last year it’s been quite the ride for me. I’d outgrown my website and decided to really put myself out there.

Well hold onto your seat when you decide to put something like that out into the Universe, because it can turn into the craziest adventure ever!

I’m talking hiring and letting go of people that just didn’t have the same vision I had, major tech glitches, like my current site totally disappearing one day (no worries I got it back up) Illness (OMG I got a 2 month cold that wouldn’t go away!) My hair got fried (Yep even your hair is on the line) My lighting showed up broken and it goes on and on…


But you know what? With all that I had so much opportunity for growth. This wasn’t my first rodeo in energy healing.


I expanded my thought field energy education to tackle those new and subconscious memories, beliefs and patterns. And every one of those mishaps brought up so much to heal!!! Seriously we’re talking quantum leaps!

It’s called upleveling and when you hit this kind of craziness your hitting your upper-limits and financial ceiling.

So when your life turns upside down during your next upleveling make sure you look at each new thing that surfaces and…


1) Ask yourself: 


“Why is this happening for me, not to me.” Because it’s there to clean out everything you don’t need any more and give you so much more than your next goal.


2) Remember everything’s connected…


and when you work on one area it’s affecting your health, wealth, relationships… all of it in the best possible way.


3) Keep going. 


So no matter what comes up when you feel that pinch from stretching and reaching for your next level of success, keep going, don’t stop… You’re so close and that’s where the magic is waiting.

And if you’re ready to really move through your upleveling blocks, using energy tools like The Healing Codes, EFT, Emotion Code, Kinesiology and more can make it so much smoother and prosperous.

If you’re ready to uplevel right now and take that leap of faith, I invite you to join me in my FREE community. This is a place where we make magic happen and tackle these energy blocks together. You’ll learn new tools to use on our own, yep I’ll teach you how to tap into your own energy field and delete those blocks that are holding you back. Plus I help you weekly work through those layers keeping you stuck and struggling. Check it out HERE.


You got this!

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