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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Chances are you’re here because you’re passionate about your business and very much into energy and keeping your life and business in a state of balance, so you feel good, right? We all want some of that ease and flow, rather than hustle and sweat.


So, I wanted to give you some tips to keep that peace, avoid burnout and put your time in where it matters instead of the following traps that can be time-wasters.


There are five important things that you shouldn’t do on Facebook to build your business.


I see these mistakes all the time and I just want to make sure that if you’re doing these, that you could take a step back and actually just do what you need to do to make it right. Build that solid foundation in your business.


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Number 1: Get Rid of the Grumpies




The first thing I want to go over is don’t get on social media or do any posting or do these kinds of videos when you’re triggered, frazzled, upset about something, or in a ranting mood. You don’t want to get on there and have low vibration energy because other people pick up on it.


I do think it’s good to be real and people do connect with that person that‘s real. Just don’t make it a permanent state of being… If you’re going through a little something, then, yeah, it’s okay to every now and then share those things that you’re going through. But the problem is, I see people doing it over and over and over again, and they have very little positive posts.


I don’t know about you, but energy is everything. For me, I want to attract clients that want to be upbeat. They’re roaring and ready to go. They’re trying to build their business in a positive light-filled way and they’re trying to live a balanced life along the way. If they’re always being negative, maybe they’re going to other pages that are negative too and joining in, that is not my ideal client and I’m thinking since you’re here it’s probably not yours either.


I mean where is the love and light in all that?


I’m not always perfect in this but what I try to do is make sure that I am aligned and if I’ve had a little bit of a weird experience or if I feel triggered, you know what I do? Sometimes I’ll put off doing that post. Could be for an hour or 20 minutes or whatever, it could be for a day that I’ll sometimes put off getting online. Sometimes I’ll put off doing that because I just don’t want to put out that negative energy.


Think about when you go to other people’s pages and see that they’re constantly negative, you stop going to their pages because you want somebody that’s going to lift you up so that you can feel good about what you’re doing and you don’t need somebody dragging you down.


If you’re feeling down and triggered or fired up, try this.


One of the things you could do is you could use the Quantum Key Method, which is a free method that you can learn to help balance out your energy so that you feel good and aligned again. It’s super important to feel good.


You know that my business is all about aligned energy and balance to avoid burnout, to attract the ideal clients that you want, and to just feel good about life and what you’re doing. It’s really, really the highlight of my business. Even doing some tapping, EFT tapping on your acupoints just to kind of breath before you get on and you feel so much better. Then you’re sending out that high vibration client magnet for sure.


Number 2: No Likey!



Stop going for just any old likes on your business page. In the beginning, when I first started my business page, all I cared about was getting the likes. That was my whole purpose. I’m building this page to get as many likes as I possibly can. That was the wrong thing to do.


What happens is you just throw out willy nilly content that doesn’t really amount to anything in the end because if my ideal client is an entrepreneur that is into energy, law of attraction and into energy healing and staying balanced and aligned, and I’m just putting out any old posts, I’m not going to attract that ideal client, right? I could be attracting, just stay-at-home moms that aren’t working a business. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not my ideal client.


If I put out the content that’s aligned with my audience, like this post, I do that because those are the people that are really wanting to build their business up. They’re eager to learn how to get real clients that pay. You can see I’ve been very specific, and it really does help me bring in my ideal clients.


The problem with having a huge page that has a bunch of people that aren’t really interested in what you’re doing is that eventually when you’re putting out the content, you’re putting out there is going nowhere. Nobody’s really hearing it. Not your ideal client.


What I suggest is to ask yourself, who am I talking to?


Who is the person that I want to read this? Then really dial it down to your goal. What is your goal for your business? What is your goal for your page in the end? Really start thinking about that now.


Even if you’re not planning on starting your real business for another year, you’re just building a foundation, it’s always good to have that result, that end goal lined up in the back of your mind at all times because then you can see who you’re trying to attract.


That would be, again, stop going for the likes and just really looking for who you want to hear what you’re having to say.


A couple of things I do:

  • Facebook ads
  • Boost posts.


If you’re boosting a post or running an ad, you can go in there and you can put down who you want it to go to. You can dial it down a little bit more even in a boosted post. You can dial it down to people in the US only. Say you’re only working with people in the US, you could put that. If you are going international, you can say English speaking people because if you only speak English, you could put women or men of a certain age only, or you could say men and women age 30 to 40, whatever that is. You can dial it down a little bit more.


If you go full-blown Facebook ads, it’s helpful to dial it down to even podcasts that people listen to, pages they visit, what influencers are they following. You could even dial it down that much more. You want to obviously pick people that are listening to podcasts like the work you do so that you can draw them in more.


Number 3: Don’t post and run!




You’ve made your post, you’ve put it out there, it’s a great post, people are commenting on it, but you aren’t commenting back. The thing with Facebook now, is It’s mostly about engagement. You can put the best posts in the world out there, but if it’s not getting any kind of engagement, Facebook does not give it much reach.


If you can get out there and if people are making a couple of comments, right away, go in there and comment back. Don’t just forget about it. Don’t just post and run. Because what happens is the more comments you can get back or engagement you can get right away, Facebook’s algorithms look at that quicker and they’re like, oh, this is a good post. People are really interested in it. They’re going to pump that up and they’re going to throw that out to more people, which gives you a bigger audience, which gives you the potential for more clients.


Hope that makes sense. You know, I can’t go back, rewind and forgot what I just said, but I hope you’ll understand that the quicker you engage in the beginning, is the most important, the more Facebook will see that and then it’ll raise you up in your reach so that you could have the chance for more potential clients.


Plus, the people that you’re commenting back to are people that are interested in you. They’ve taken the time to comment, so you want to make sure you’re saying, “Thank you so much and hope you’re doing well,” and take some interest in them as well because that is all about what social media is about.


It’s about connecting to real people, and finding out more about them, and having that relationship. It’s important.


Number 4: Negatory on spamming messenger




Don’t send sales links out into Messenger to people you don’t have a relationship with. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got this. I’ll just get a straight up link… No comments, no text, just a link to a sales page sent to my Messenger. I’m like, not only is that cold, I don’t know that person most of the time, I don’t even trust them. I don’t know anything about them, but all of a sudden, I get this link in my Messenger to look at their page and I’m totally turned off. What a lost opportunity.


What you could do is maybe instead of giving them a sales link, send them a link saying, “Hey, I’m so glad to meet you. I noticed on one of your posts today that you’re having a hard day. I thought this free PDF would help you out.”


It’s kind of nice, huh? It’s kind of a way to connect to those people and give them something, at least if you’re going to give them a link, it’s something that they could use, it’s free. Then if they decide they want that free thing, then you can talk to them in-depth later if they need help. That’s just a great way to build that up. Messenger is meant more to talk to people and kind of get to know people better, not to just go in and throw a sales link out.


Now, that being said, for the people I do know it can be a little different when I’m launching something, I will go on there and say, “Hey, I thought you might be interested in this. Check it out,” because I really do think it would help them. It all depends on where you’re coming from and if you’re using communication properly.


Number 5: Spamming other people’s FB Groups




That can be a huge problem. I’ve noticed over the years, a lot of groups used to allow people to go in and share their products and services. They’ve really clamped down on that because they got tired of building up this whole community then other people would come in and just try to grab the clients. These are people that they were trying to help and build that relationship with so it becomes very annoying. It’s also disrespectful to the page owner and it’s not cool.


Don’t be afraid ask the FB page owner for permission to post an offer. I’ve done that before. If I think of something that’s helpful and complementary to what this page is already offering, I will sometimes ask the page admin or owner if it would be okay if I would put something up to help other people out with.


The other thing is a lot of times they have threads within that week sometime where you can then go ahead and comment underneath that thread, show your offering or your service, and that’s appropriate to put that in there at that time.


Also, just to go in and be helpful. What I’ll do is I’ll go look in the search bar and I’ll put in whatever my specialties are. I work with negative beliefs and blocks to receiving in business and this type of work so I’ll type in negative beliefs or just beliefs, and I’ll go and then answer anything that comes up and try to be as helpful as I can.


Sometimes I will just willy nilly go in there, I’ll see people having a hard time, and I’ll just say, “Hey, let me help you out.” I won’t try to give him anything or have them sign up, but I’ll just try to help them out that time because they’re going through something hard. That’s part of my work. We do that all the time by just being a good human being and wanting to help. But I’m not going in there immediately saying, “Hey, buy my product. This could help you,” We don’t want to do that.


Those groups are meant to help build up trust, so help people go in there and learn more about others and what they’re doing. Oftentimes I’ll see others helping other people and I’ll be like, gee, they sound cool. I’ll go on there and buy one of their products.


Do you see how that can work? They’re not doing it in a yucky way. If you go in, look around, read the page rules and find out what they’re wanting from you, and if you have any questions, usually reaching out to the admin or the owner of the page will help you understand what you can and cannot do and how it can help you.


The other thing I do too is in groups, often I’ll see that someone is having an issue and I’ll tag another person, a friend of mine, that would be helpful for that. Maybe they’re in the group, maybe they’re not, but I’ll tag them just to have them see this because maybe they can help. It just shows that you’re a helpful person and that you’re really stepping up and out there to be of service to other people.


These are my biggest things I’ve learned over the years with Facebook and even Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All those pretty much run the same way. They’re social media. We’re supposed to be social. That’s why we’re out there, we’re trying to connect to real people. We’re not just trying to go out there and make a sale. That would be no fun. I don’t know about you, but I like people.


I hope this has been helpful. You guys, if you have any questions, just post them in the comments below. I’ve got lots of free resources on the resource page of this site so check it out.


If you’re ready to up-level your business and work smarter not harder, then let’s talk and see how I can help you by booking a free Success Breakthrough Session HERE.




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