Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Is this you?

Do you put your life on pause until everything is perfect? This could range from Money, relationships, a new job and even having a baby.

From my own experiences, I can say that the sun and moon rarely align to make that perfect scenario.

If you want to live your life to the fullest now, then here are some simple suggestions to get you started.

#1 Clear the FEAR.

Yep, that is number one. It’s almost always number one, isn’t it? We stop ourselves right before the big move all because of fear. I’m not saying it’s that way 100% of the time but I see it more often than not.

Fear can cause you to make decisions that aren’t always the best.  Clear that fear and start making your life plans based on your own internal GPS system. This is your Internal Guidance System. Use it without the fear and see where life’s road takes you.

#2 Get your focus on!

It’s time to get focused. Get a clear vision of what you want in your life. Start a list or maybe a vision board. Doing that makes it real to you and lets the universe know that you are serious about making changes.  I like to pull out my board and take a look at it daily. When my goals are achieved I go one step further and move them over to an accomplished board. It feels amazing to see everything that I’ve changed over time.

#3 Stop worrying about the Hows

This isn’t the time to worry about how you’re going to make it happen (see #1 no fear allowed and worry falls in that department). Many times self doubt and insecurities creep up on us, causing that big stall again.

Stop it!

You are enough! If you don’t have all the answers right now you can figure them out. That’s what Youtube is for, right?

#4 Let go of being perfect.

Ok, I’m just going to let you have it plain and clear. You aren’t perfect!  None of us are. So let go of that, it’s a time waster and life is too short.

If you are dieting and eat something, not on your meal plan, cut yourself some slack. The same goes for other things.  We are not Robots, life happens and as long as you don’t give up altogether, you’re still further than you were before.

#5 Lose the excuses.

I’m sure we could all find excuses for just about anything. It’s time to set that aside and take the first steps toward what you want. If you want it badly enough you will get past this.

Signs you are making excuses.  Statements like “Well the problem with that is____________” Or “When I lose this weight I will ________________.” If you’re  always finding the problem instead of solutions and waiting for perfection, watch out.

It is wasting your time and sucking your life away.

#6 Get out of your own way.

Take notice of whatever you find yourself stumbling over.  These are the blocks that are sabotaging you. Just being aware of them is the first step. And remember that the number one blocks to your success is usually YOU.

Old thought patterns and beliefs about who you are and what you can accomplish play over and over  24/7. Healing those old programs can help in a Big way. You live in a time when we have amazing tools to help clear out that old junk, so take advantage of it and get down to business.

Life is waiting for you to start living it, so get started today! Live your life now.



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