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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Today we’ve got such a great topic. Let’s talk about how to step back into your business after you’ve taken a break without totally burning yourself out. We are going to go over 7 tips to gain momentum in business after a break… and better yet avoid losing your momentum and making it really difficult to get back into the daily swing of things.


I want to go over a few things to make that a little easier for you today especially during these crazy times. You know, Recently I felt like I needed to take a break because we were moving into our new home and I just wanted to focus on the beauty of that process and not always be worrying about doing live streams, posting articles, reaching out to potential clients and other biz stuff.


So I took a mindful business break with a purpose. When you’re ready to step back in, it’s so important for you to really look at it and look at your emotions around it. 


Watch the full video by clicking the image below.


gain momentum in business


7 Powerful Tips


I decided today that I need to get back on social media regularly but often when you step out of it, it becomes a little hard to step back in without feeling overwhelmed. Something I did not want to feel because that’s what my whole business is about. 


1. Slow Down Your Business 


When I want to spend more time with my family, especially my kids when they’re out of school I slow things down.  Summer and spring break and Christmas are times I like to slow everything down and enjoy the moment of the family. We are all different though. Maybe you just want to travel certain times of the year or go on a retreat…  whatever is right for you and feels good, you need to create that for yourself. 


2. Notice when your energy is the highest and the lowest and start documenting that. 


Also, notice when your energy is high and low…I find that it’s a lot better for me to not be promoting around the full and new moons because that’s when my energy’s a little bit lower. So instead I have my Manifesting with The Moon Cycles set up to go out and prompt automatically. Saves my energy and helps others harness the moon’s power as well. 


It’s really helpful for you to see when your energy is high and the best time to spend getting out there more. When it’s high make sure that you’re out there being visible on a regular basis, though, because that’s very helpful in attracting more ideal clients. 


3. Keep Your Energy High By Maintaining a  Daily Energy Alignment Practice.


That is something that has been a lifesaver for me… By just making sure that my energy is balanced I feel amazing. Sometimes I’ll do EFT, Healing Codes, Quantum key method, or one of the many energy modalities I’m trained in. 


4. Write Down at Least Three Things That You’re Grateful For. 


Focus on 3  things that you’re grateful for. Even the small things add up. It draws your attention to the positive and that’s the most important thing. 



5. Get Some Movement. 


Even if it’s just a short distance even it’s just 20 minutes, that’s okay. If you have a treadmill use that. Any movement makes you feel good.



6. Make Sure To Connect With Your People


Set time aside every day to have some sort of connection with your people.  Doing live videos are really good. That’s probably the best way to get yourself out there quicker. Ask people if they need help, step into other groups, ask if someone needs help. It helps you stay visible and helps people get to know you better.



7. Reach Out To Past Clients. 


This is something people often miss. I’ll make a list of all my past clients that I haven’t touched base with for a while. And I’ll send them a quick email seeing how they’re doing. And it’s amazing how quickly just that one email reminds people of me and our great sessions. I get responses like “Oh, I felt really good in the last session, I’m going to go ahead and schedule her a new one.:  And then I’ll have a booked calendar for that month and beyond.


All of this is about staying in or stepping back into that energy of your business again, and being that shining mentor that you were meant to be because that’s what we all are. We’re here to guide others into creating the life, health, wealth all of it that they want. 


Reset yourself so that you can feel good. And stay feeling in high vibe, and keep on moving forward without having any setbacks. 



Now I’d love to hear from you. 


What are the things that you do to keep your daily balance? And if you’ve taken breaks, what do you do to get back into the swing of things? I’d love to hear about it, put them in the comments below 


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