Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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We all have those days…

Even if you have the very best intentions of keeping yourself balanced, loving and ready to give the very best of yourself to the world.

Everyone can have a bad day or even weeks sometimes.

It’s called being human.

The problem occurs when you let it grow deep roots. When that happens it’s like when the worst weeds overwhelm your landscape.

It can take over your life.

So what do you do?

You have to work extra hard to regain balance.

I know this may sound like the opposite of what I talk about most of the time. You know… allowing ease and flow in your life.

But it’s just like the tide, ebb and flow and sometimes the occasional storms.

You ride it through and then allow things to settle back into a natural rhythm.

How do I get my balance back after being knocked down a bit?

I make sure I get~

1. Get extra sleep: It’s a neutral state. One where you naturally find your balance, without trying.

2. Exercise: This helps reduce stress, increase circulation and helps your body detox.

3. Drink more water: It hydrates every cell in your body. It also is what makes any kind of energy work more effective. Sometimes this is why energy treatments like The Healing Codes, EFT or even acupuncture, don’t work their best magic.

4. Take seasalt baths: It has minerals, Hydrates, reduces stress, softens skin, detoxes and simply gives a luxury feeling of self love and self care.

5. Practice Mindfulness: Be in the moment. Don’t worry about the future. Enjoy the small things.

6. Journal: I use this time to journal and take into account all the limiting beliefs and blocks keeping me from abundance in all areas of my life.

Some common blocks could be Fear of failure, acceptance, rejection or beliefs like I can’t do anything right or I don’t deserve success.

7. Gratitude: Give thanks for everything you have. For all the things that life has given you and even from the trying times… Those are the precious lessons we gain the most value from.

8. Forgiveness: This is a biggie. Forgiveness frees you from a lifetime of pain. Think of unforgiveness as the poison you drink trying to kill someone else. It will take you down. Forgive now!

and then there’s my special tools.

I use The Healing Codes, EFT,  custom healing codes and a couple other secret weapons to dial in and raise my vibration so things align again. These are also tools I use for the limiting beliefs and block I just got done journaling about! Win Win!

An important thing is to not beat yourself up when you’re down. Take that time to give yourself the space to reclaim your balance and ease back into your state of abundance. With practice you’ll snap right back quicker and have less negative times in your life.

You got this!

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