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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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This book is a must read!

I’ve been working with the newest program from Alex Loyd’s new book Beyond Willpower and it’s been amazing.

I love what it’s shown me and how it’s opened my eyes even wider, to seeing all life’s circumstances as a lesson and journey of love.

I also admire the fact that it’s such a great addition to the The Healing Codes. Both are such powerful tools to help create abundance in your life.

Beyond Willpower explains how to work on deprogramming and reprogramming your inner hard drive, healing the negative beliefs, images and memories that sabotage your life and business.  You’re working toward living in the moment and focusing on creating that inner peace, regardless of what’s going on externally in your life.

Being mindful and living in the now.

The Healing Codes go deep into the ancestral roots as well as ones created in your lifetime. Those generational inherited blocks, that are keeping you from that sweet spot you so want in life. Pair it with Beyond Willpower and you have a perfect mix of healing the past and present, helping you create a life of love and success.

Each works differently and finds other angles to clear your issues quickly and gently.

My recent trip down memory lane

Recently I had an experience that took me back to early childhood and beyond.

Someone treated me as if I wasn’t significant, or at the very least not as important as some of their other clients and didn’t give me the same considerations and treatment.

At first I found myself wondering what I had done wrong and I felt like I didn’t have enough value.

That was crazy inner talk, as I hadn’t done anything wrong.

Following the bread crumbs

I had a few days of disbelief and down thoughts before I snapped out of it.

This was an opportunity after all. Everything comes up in layers, to be cleared, when you least expect it.

So I started asking myself the same questions I ask my clients.

What did I want to feel?

Valued… or important to others. That I was just as good as anyone else and wanted to be treated that way…

Good answers right?

Then it brought up feelings of wanting to be accepted… Yes, go deeper, I nudged myself on.

 I didn’t want to be rejected…

 And ultimately that’s what this felt like.

Then I asked, “What would being accepted and treated like I was valuable feel like?”

Of course…


All I really wanted to feel was love in the end.

When you feel loved you feel valuable, cherished, accepted and so much more.

In Beyond Willpower you’re looking at what you want to heal in your life and finding the related emotion, which is a feeling like love, peace or joy.

You want to feel those deepest core emotions, really they’re more than emotions, they’re an actual state of being.

And you want those feelings to take deep roots in your life.

Even with the Law of attraction, you focus on what you want and how that would feel if you already had it. Can you imagine if you had that feeling of love, joy and peace all the time? I think life would be incredible in all areas, don’t you?

If you were really in a state of joy, everything else would have to line up with that, right?

I’ve started incorporating this beautiful tool into my client practice and have been seeing lives change even faster than before.

I use custom healing codes that I build for your energy imbalances and add in the tools from Beyond Willpower, creating your recipe for success. Like with The Healing Codes, I test to see which Beyond Willpower categories would be best to start with. Testing helps you speed this whole process up.

I can’t tell you how much these techniques have saved my life in many ways. Everything from business success, health, relationships and more…

Every area has been touched in one way or another.

If you want to design a life you really love, I highly recommend reading Beyond Willpower, as well as The Healing Code by Alex Loyd.

Make sure you start implementing these tools today, so you can start living a more prosperous life.

If you’d like some support with these great techniques, I offer coaching to help you do this quickly and easily. You can find my session info HERE.

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