Get Ready to Set the Biz World on Fire
Think BIG… Think Incredible… Think Unstoppable!
You’ve worked your butt off, girl, to get to where you’re at now. And you’re grateful for all that you have.
But you know you’re destined for something BIGGER!
  • To up-level your SUCCESS where your dreams match your reality.
  • To fully live your purpose and share your unique gifts and talents to the world.
  • To experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM and reap the rewards in your bank account.
  • To show everyone that everything you’ve been working toward actually means something special. Something BIG!
It’s what drives you forward.
But you feel like you’re up against a resistance block that’s preventing you from TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
A level of more LOVE, LEISURE and LUXURY.
(Think 3 days a week…3 weeks a month…in your fav exotic locale. Can we say Bali?!)

And it’s causing major frustration and overwhelm that’s wearing you down.

It’s OK—we all have blocks in our lives.
If your business isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be, than that’s the first place to look. When you clear your negative subconscious blocks, all your hard work can leap forward with ease.
Welcome to Breaking Biz Blocks

Limiting beliefs, Upper Limits and Money Blocks can be stored in your programming—many inherited—and replaying 24/7 in your subconscious only adds to the damage.

This 6 week program is geared at busting through your MONEY and SUCCESS blocks that are sabotaging you at every turn. Clearing them will help allow you to step into your feminine power and create the LIMITLESS SUCCESS you desire. You’ll then be given the actual steps I’ve taken to increase my reach on Social Media (increasing from a 7k Facebook page to 90+ in less than a year), how to increase sales with putting in fewer hours of work, and create a strategy to gain more clients quickly.

You can do this program at your own pace as well. No rushing to keep up, just jump in when you can!

Work at your own pace to:
  • Identify, find the origins (yours or inherited), and clear your blocks once and for all.


  • Infuse you with your greatest potential to help attract WEALTH in all areas of your life. It’s all connected.


  • Take weekly action steps to create the online presence you need to call clients that are truly needing your skills and you love to work with.


  • You will get tutorials and classes to learn how to get your work done and out there in way less time.


This program puts The Law of Attraction into hyper-speed—going further than affirmations, tapping, and the other energy work you’ve tried.


We’re talking soul-centered levels of manifestations.
It’s time to release your struggles and refocus your dreams.
She’s my secret weapon of Mass Abundance. In the past 2 months, my net worth has increased by 6 figures! I added an additional $16,500 in income in my businesses and $97,000 in personal assets.
After just a month of participating in her Breaking Biz Blocks program, I started enjoying some encouraging abundance wins: new clients, making money doing work I love, and building my confidence as a soul-centered entrepreneur.
Simone Craig, Money Magnet Mentor & Abundance Coach
Simone Craig, Money Magnet Mentor & Abundance Coach
Melissa’s Breaking Biz Blocks has been a game changer for me.
Melissa’s Breaking Biz Blocks has been a game changer for me. It has inspired so many new ideas and removed blocks that I wasn’t even aware I had! It will truly help you to “ Clear your path to limitless success.”
Anne-Marie Wiesman

Founder/CEO Healing Connection Network

Anne-Marie Wiesman
Founder/CEO Healing Connection Network
Sound Familiar?
  • Worries of working for someone else forever clutter your thinking way too often. That thought of going back to the 9 to 5 grind is cringe-worthy.
  • You’ve hit an income plateau that you can’t move past.
  • You’re working crazy long hours trying to find your ideal clients, spending too much time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s overwhelming.
  • Making time for fun? Yeah right!
  • Your family is fed up and you can’t take one more eye roll when you talk about your business.
  • Putting yourself fully out there and being seen scares the $*!# out of you. Periscope? Nope!
  • You’ve tried everything—coaching, courses, affirmations, meditation, self-analysis…everything! And yet the STRESS, PARALYSIS, and FEAR continue on.
You can’t add one more thing.
“How are other female entrepreneurs doing it?!”
You’re about to give up, to lose it all—your work, your freedom, your dreams.
All of that hard work for nothing.
You aren’t the only one who’s felt this way!
You’re so close to figuring it out and finding the key that will open the door to SUCCESS in your business…and then some invisible force slams the door shut even tighter.
Top Biz Blocks that Need Breaking
  • I don’t deserve this.
  • What if I fail?
  • Do I bring enough value?
  • This is too overwhelming!
  • What if they don’t like me?
  • Do I really want change? It’s scary!
The key you’re looking for is inside of you right now.
And I’ve created the highest possible vibration using my distinct Energy Formula to uncover the TRUE YOU. The one created to have impact in other’s lives—to help people shift into their own greatness.
Your clients need you.
All it takes is shedding a few beliefs, a few blocks, taking some inspired action and BOOM!
You can share your gifts to the world by attracting your ideal clients and make amazing money at the same time.

(No more secretly feeling jealous of other people’s success or dreading that someone will ask how your biz is going.)

And once you peel back your Biz Blocks, things like HEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS can start to improve.

It’s all connected!
Other results my clients have experienced from being aligned.
  • Improved relationships with loved ones.
  • Weight loss
  • Better health
  • Increased energy
  • Improved self-love/self-esteem
  • More confidence
  • More clarity and focus
“I actually ended up filling my group program and creating over $12,000 worth of income in 11 days!”
Working with Melissa has been an amazing and life-changing experience! When I started working with her, I had a lot of blocks around achieving success and reaching my goals. I really just didn’t believe I could reach them.

Working with her has really transformed my negative beliefs about success so that I can continue to break through the limits I put on myself.

Melissa helped me identify a block I had around not feeling wanted and it really helped me to transform my business. By doing the energy work consistently, I was able to remove barriers and improve my business quickly. I actually ended up filling my group program and creating over $12,000 worth of income in 11 days.

I now feel more positive about all the goals I set because I know it’s possible to reach them

Nicole Liloia
“My business is hummming with new business ( with advance $$$$) and clearing up old business.”
This group has got my business hummming with new business ( with advance $$$$) and clearing up old business. Woohoo..

BBB is a program that helped me get “me” out of the way of my success. I love the learning by myself in doing the modules but being part of a community that is doing the healing codes is powerful group prayer work in action. The community presence with the calls and facebook group is supportive and inspiring. Thank you Melissa for your wisdom and teachings.

Deborah Bowman

LOA and Wealth Coach

But you’re already giving it your all and it’s still not taking you to the NEXT LEVEL of the game.
I get it. You’ve heard that the path to wealth is through a lot of hard work, sacrifice, sweat, and tears.
I’ve been there too!
I used to struggle with all these issues. During the economic crash, my family lost so much and the anxiety and fear ate me up every day. I had used my skills on everything else—so why not my business?
I applied my unique form of Energy Testing and hunted down every block I could find preventing my success.
Then I used Powerful Energy techniques to correct and clear them.
It WORKED! Soon my business increased by 75%—and as an added bonus, my husband’s business had a record breaking year!
Now I work with entrepreneurs from all over the world via Skype and phone to help them achieve their ultimate goals! Think of me as the secret behind their LIMITLESS SUCCESS.
“I should be happy where I’m at now in my biz,” you tell yourself.
It’s not in your nature to settle for that, though.
It’s your UPPER LIMIT BLOCKS talking that way. Not you.
You’re ready to move forward and embrace your wildest dreams.
This time, with more ease, clarity and purpose—letting it all flow to you.
So let’s ditch the inner voice that’s keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your TOTAL GREATNESS.
You know when you do it’s going to be an AMAZING ride
I want to take my business to the NEXT LEVEL!
(2 & 3 pay options available at checkout)
Say YES to YOU now. Your Investment: $997 (A $2500 value.)
Breaking Biz Blocks
Clear Your Path to Limitless Success
Here’s What You’ll Get From this Powerful 6 Week Program
  • 12 Group Energy Corrections done by me (2x/week)—geared at clearing your Upper Limit programming. An incredible value (sessions with me are $180.00).
  • 6 Recorded Replays of past group Calls with Energy Correction techniques to help reprogram your inner hard-drive (6 total). Each week will focus on a new, specific biz block.
  • Video: EFT—My first love. Learn the technique to making it stick.
  • How to clear your Money Blocks for good.
  • Learn to recognize what’s at the root of all your failures and how to shift them easily.
  • The secret to AMPING-UP affirmations and visualizations.
  • Video: How to use my special Energy Tool to encode yourself for daily success.
  • Step by Step how and what to outsource to shave hours off your workload.
  • Learn this simple way to easily & quickly call in 3 new clients today!
  • How to grow your Facebook page fast and increase your like, know and trust factor in minutes a day.
  • Learn how to take 3 minutes of work and create 2 weeks of content.
Sign-up NOW and enjoy these Abundant Bonuses!
BONUS Module 1:  Biz Action Steps to Success

You’ll learn:

  • FB Ads made easy training.
  • Use my 3-minute task to create 2 weeks of Content Blueprint.
  • Repurpose Template: Reuse and repurpose old content to save time and money.
  • Batch Social Media Images in under 10 minutes.
  • How to build your FB biz page fast.
  • How to use and edit inside Youtube.
  • Instagram Stories tutorial.
  • To what to outsource and organize your team, a file system that keeps everything clean, a resource guide of all my favorite tools to look like a PRO.
BONUS Module 2:  Biz Alignment

You’ll learn:

  • Tap into your intuition: How to muscle test and find your own energy blocks, memories and beliefs. 
  • Feng Shui Expert (money block Cure)
  • Akashic Records for Success.
  • Crystal Grid for success Expert


How to Maximize Your Reach, Your Impact, and Your Revenue with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads coach Monica Louie will show you how to harness the power of Facebook ads to expand your reach, amplify your impact, and grow your profits. Monica has coached dozens of ambitious online entrepreneurs and taught them how to effectively use the powerful tool where 1 billion people hang out every day.

In this session, you’ll learn the one thing you must have to achieve success with Facebook ads (and it’s not a huge budget), why you’re wasting money by boosting posts, and the 3 BIGGEST mistakes online marketers make when getting started with Facebook ads that waste their time and money (and how you can avoid them). Plus, you’ll learn the five simple steps to create Facebook ad campaigns that convert.
$149 value


Prosperity Akashic Clearing

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs who has worked with thousands of people around the world.

Everyone accumulates energy that does not belong to them, from other people, situations in life and from the world…without clearing this energy you become lost in all this energy. When you don’t clear this energy it is just like gathering trash, filling your space with things that keep you small and stuck, self-sabotaging yourself from taking action toward what you want to manifest.  Patricia has something special to help you clear this energy OUT!

How to Build a Crystal Grid for Success
Sherri Hayter will teach you how to easily create a crystal grid for your biz success. Sherri is a sacred artist intent on grounding the Divine in physical form through her art. Working with natural materials, crystals, and sound, she creates healing works of art that assist clients in living a more soulful, heart-centered, connected life. She is the founder of the Crystal Grid Experience, a self-paced exploration of crystals, sacred geometry, energetic resonance, and intention, and is currently creating a worldwide crystal grid energetic matrix called Brave Love.

You can usually find Sherri working in her studio with her most cherished assistant – her C02 laser, or teaching about crystal grids and why every person on the planet should familiarize themselves with these potent energetic helpers for business, life and spiritual enlightenment.

(A $97 value)



Training: How To Increase Your Visibility through Instagram Stories


Find out the 5 things you can do to increase your visibility and connect with ideal clients on Instagram Stories.

Hi! I’m Nicole Liloia, business strategist + mentor to women entrepreneurs who are ready to build bigger businesses through multiple income streams. I’ve helped my clients double and triple their income by building a loyal community and creating new programs to serve them with. Oh, and not only do I love to end my days with Apothic wine, I never miss a Taco Tuesday. (A $97 value)



Training: Feng Shui Your Business MasterClass


Learn the most important ways to bring success into your business through Feng Shui.

Bridget Saraka, Feng Shui Expert helping clients across the globe align their Body, Soul, Spirit Home and during our conversation Office to their personal and professional heartfelt desires. Bridget will be sharing Feng Shui tips that every entrepreneur needs to know.

Would you like your business to be more prosperous? Would you also like a more harmonious work environment that both invigorates and supports you and the people you work with? How would you like to think more clearly and be more productive?

  • Lifetime access to the private Breaking Biz Blocks Facebook support group. Surround yourself with motivated women like you and learn how to collaborate, network and build each other up through the power of teamwork.
  • VIDEO: Learn How to Self-Test. Find and clear blocks to get unstuck…all by yourself!
I want to take my business to the NEXT LEVEL!
(2 & 3 pay options available at checkout)
Say YES to YOU now. Your Investment: $997 (A $2500 value.)
“So why am I blocked in the first place?”
It’s an Inside Job!
You’ve inherited more than eye and hair color from your family. Negative beliefs, memories and images going back possibly 100s of years are imprinted within you.
The code to your SUCCESS in wealth, health, and happiness is pre-programmed in your cells—making up your DNA.
What are YOU programmed for? Success or Failure?
That’s where my Breaking Biz Blocks program comes in!
You’ll get 6 weeks of ongoing support, working through all the limits and blocks that are keeping you stuck from having the business of your DREAMS.
Here’s the weekly breakdown
Module 1: The Art of Receiving
We’ll start by priming the pump to receive success in your biz. If you aren’t aligned in this area, it’s a deal breaker in making your biz successful. Remember, this work digs deep-down into your DNA to break those blocks in your life and biz! This week we take the steps needed to call in 3 new clients in minutes and learn the incredibly easy way to collaborate while increasing your reach and building your list seamlessly.
Module 2: Your Success Goals
There is a unique energy needed when setting goals and often repeat failures will stop you from moving forward. In this module, we work through the hidden traps in setting and reaching your goals as well as create the strategy to find your #1 Golden Goal and the Win Actions steps needed to achieve financial freedom. Together we crush resistance and gain clarity, focus and take action! With these powerful tools, I show you how you can find and crush your fears to create your Win vibration to attract your ideal clients. This isn’t all WOO… I give you the tools to finally take your success to the next level.
Module 3: Success Blocks
Learn to ID your success blocks and work through your energetic income plateaus. You’ll find what you’ve inherited that could be holding you in a fail state. Learn to test to see where your weak links are in your beliefs and mindset and then use a powerful energy code, EFT, and mp3 to align to your success.
Module 4: Fear of Being Seen
Hiding from being visible is one of the biggest blocks to Biz success. If your people can’t see you how do they get to know you? This is where you learn to feel confident, comfortable and shine. We dial into the fears, memories, and beliefs that are keeping you from getting out there doing videos, podcasts, FB posts and much more. I’ll share the steps I take to create the best videos and live streams and then we take action steps, support each other to create incredible reach and help each other build massive FB pages.
Module 5: Own Your Worth
When you feel valuable you attract the people and circumstances into your life needed to succeed. When you don’t feel like what you’re offering is valuable, then that energy goes out to every possible client as a repellent. Find the Energetic Price Point for your services and programs that feel good. Use my steps and tools to clear out low self-worth and raise your prices to fit your true value. Using the worksheets in this module help you increase your income fast and feel great about it. This week we go even deeper and I show you the simplest way to put your offer out there and call in 3 new clients right now.
Module 6: Overwhelm & Outsourcing
In this module, we bust through paralyzing overwhelm and avoid burnout. Use my special tracker to see where you’re spending your energy, ditch the time wasters and dial it down to the best moves to make for the quickest results. Learn what to outsource and how to create bulk content in minutes. All while remaining in a state of flow and ease and loving what you’re doing again.

Rhonda Lee

BBB was a game changer in my Business!

We’re going to
Crack the Code to YOUR Success!
“The benefits to my professional and personal life have been significant.”
For several years I felt that no matter how hard I worked, how much I applied my talents, I always fell short. I felt stuck. Melissa identified the blocks that held me back from reaching my true potential, and nurtured me through the releasing process. Her gifts extend beyond her technical ability with Custom Healing Codes—she is warm, encouraging and sincere. Melissa is the real deal!
Catherine “Cat” Ruehle, Holistic Nutritionist and author.
“I have found amazing success with Melissa’s help.”
I am now doing training seminars with people from all over the world! I feel fantastic and as a booster have a new amazing relationship blooming! Thanks so much!
Lisa McNabb, Permanent Cosmetics Educator Always Beautiful
Break through your Biz Blocks and UP-LEVEL Your SUCCESS!
Join this exclusive group of amazing women who are taking their businesses to the NEXT LEVEL!
Say YES to YOU now. Your Investment: $997 (A $2500 value.)
YES! I’m ready to UP-LEVEL!
Choose the option that’s best for you:
(100% money back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase)
You know you were born for GREATNESS!
It’s time to claim it.
You’ve Got This!
How does this work Long Distance?
There’s no distance restriction when it comes to ENERGY!
I’ll work on you 2 days a week and retesting to check your progress. I have a ton of resources at my disposal and I’m going to pull out everything I need each week to give YOU the absolute best corrections possible.

“Melissa helped me quickly clear out the baggage and I soon realized that I had a business idea on my mind.”

I’m forever grateful that I came across Melissa’s work and her Breaking Biz Blocks program! I just love her energy! I first started working with her as one of her 1:1 clients for emotional pains. She helped me quickly clear out the baggage and I soon realized that I had a business idea on my mind. But I still felt stuck. That’s why I joined her BBB program, which helped me clearly ID the self-sabotages that were holding me back in my biz and get in the energetic alignment I needed in order to move forward. And I loved following along in the group setting with other like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs! Mindset matters in biz, and Melissa’s Breaking Biz Blocks program helps you get to the root of it.

Erica Free, Creative Marketer
“I can’t explain it, but I love it! This has been life changing for me. Thanks Melissa!”
Sue Kirwin
Are you ready for your UPGRADE?
I invite you to get on board for an incredible upgrade to your WEALTH, SUCCESS and LIFE. It’s all connected.
Listen to how this program can help you scale your business & create more ease and flow:
3 Things Blocking Your Biz Success… And how to break them.