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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

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You need the room to be able to add more stuff to any space, right? 

If you kept bringing things into your house without unloading some of the older objects, it would eventually leave you crowded and uncomfortable.

I want to start off with the fact that I was always kind of a messy unorganized girl growing up.

Do you let go of unneeded things in your life?

I had a hard time letting go of things. I had this nagging feeling that if I let it go I might not be able to replace it.

Or maybe I would need it right after I got rid of it.

That fear made me hang onto stuff that would have been so much better releasing.

Fear of letting go

One day it all clicked for me. That clutter, that stuff I kept with me and even took the time to pack when I moved, was holding me back.

It trapped me and limited what I could do. It took up space that I could have used to encourage, lift and motivate me.

So why couldn’t I just get rid of all the things that I didn’t need?

Fear of Lack

I was visiting with my Mom recently and I noticed she had miles and miles of yarn saved up. She is a big time knitter and it’s been her life hobby.

But why collect so much?

She said that she was saving and collecting it so that if she wasn’t able to get around anymore she would still have access to some.

That kind of made me feel bad because I see this as not trusting that everything will work out. That when the need for more came, she wouldn’t have a way of getting it.

I looked back on my life and realized that this was something that I had inherited as well. I had spent a great deal of time struggling with letting things go because of the fear I wouldn’t be able to replace it if needed.

Having Faith

Looking closer I saw that to show true faith I would have to actually act on it. I would have to clear out the things that I had been holding onto and trust that everything would come to me when it was needed.

If I didn’t I would always experience a fear of lack. I would also have limited room to grow because my space would be to full to expand and move.

Finding the beliefs holding you back

I worked on all the beliefs I could find related to that lack of trust.

What I found was mainly inherited beliefs. They didn’t start with me but were passed onto me going back several generations. There were a few triggers I found in my early childhood which made them even stronger.

Here is a post I wrote last spring on emotional spring cleaning. If you want to dig even deeper into this click HERE.

Negative beliefs can block your success in anything

Some of the beliefs I found where

  •  I am not safe,
  •  Something bad will happen.
  • There isn’t enough to go around

I tested all of these using a technique I learned as a Healing Codes practitioner. I was then able to do The Healing Codes on each one until they tested clear.

After doing that I felt a strong urge to do some de-cluttering. I went down into our storage room and cleared box after box of old stuff I had been holding onto.

How does this connect to other areas of your life?

Look at your beliefs and how they work in your career and even in your relationships.

How your beliefs can sabotage you

If you believe that you aren’t safe.

You won’t feel secure that you will make enough money.

You won’t feel safe sharing yourself in a relationship.

You may fear you could lose it all.

That fear sabotages you by not even allowing your dreams to manifest in the first place.  If you are a Law of Attraction fan, then you understand that you attract like vibration.

Those negative beliefs carry the opposite of what you want! 

So do you see how beneficial it would be to clear those kinds of beliefs?

Not only does it help you clear out the physical clutter but it makes room for you to expand in every area of your life.

Today I hope you can start working on clearing out the clutter and making room for the life you really want.



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