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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

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Sometimes you inherit more than eye and hair color. A sabotaging belief can be passed on down for generations making you fail to succeed in many things in life.

Business, finances, health, relationships… it can go on and on.

Have you ever been confused at how you respond to certain situations? Like it’s exaggerated or there’s no reason why you would feel the way you do.

It just doesn’t fit.

Sometimes a negative belief just doesn’t feel like it belongs to you. It feels foreign and you don’t understand why it’s even there. It’s kind of like how you feel ,when you put on someone else’s coat and know immediately it’s not yours. In that instant you’re uncomfortable and want to take it off.

When you have a feeling around something that doesn’t seem right, those are usually emotions that aren’t really yours. You inherited them from your ancestor’s experiences and you’ve been packing them around.

You’ve probably said to yourself, “I don’t even know why I feel this way. I’ve never had anything bad happened in the past around this issue. So why am I responding this way?

Here’s a few tips on finding which beliefs are yours or not.

1: Your Emotional Gauge

Are your emotions exaggerated around an issue? If so that’s your first indicator to take a closer look. Yes, sometimes it can simply be an off day but still it’s worth looking at.

2: Deja vu

Does it feel sort of like déjà vu but you have no memory of a similar experience. Again if it’s calling to take a deeper look there’s usually a reason.

3: Family Emotions

You can also look at your mom or dad and see if it’s something that you got from them. I call those absorbed beliefs. Ones you learned from someone else, by seeing or hearing them repeatedly.

Of course you could have formed it in your own lifetime, based on your own experiences as well and may not remember. Many of our deepest beliefs are formed when we were so young, most wouldn’t have a memory of it.

Getting to the root.

It’s important to get to the root if you want to clear your negative beliefs.

If you don’t, it’s easy to fall into a trap of reliving your same history over and over.

My job is finding the root of your beliefs by using different angles. Looking for inherited beliefs is just one of them.

Once the belief or memory is found through my unique testing, I use energy tools like The Healing Codes, Emotion Code, EFT and my own unique energy style to clear it for you. No one does this work like I do.

It’s easy and it doesn’t just stop there I always give you a take away energy tool to use on yourself, so you can continue to clear more of your negative beliefs, programing and patterns.

If you want to learn more about my work, you can click HERE.

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Or stick around and share in the comments below, what beliefs you feel like you’ve inherited. I’d love to hear about it.

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