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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Do The Healing codes really work?

I’ve been asked many times if The Healing Codes work on __________ fill in the blank. Β I’ve seen so many people’s lives improve in such a variety of ways using this simple process. Β I actually can’t think of anything it wouldn’t help and at the very least, it’s worth a try to see how you respond for your needs specifically.

I love seeing the changes in my long-standing clients. They’ve put the time in and have been consistent, which is key in this whole process, and they are now reaping the benefits.

One of my clients I worked with last week is a testimony to that. She started out in a pretty dark phase and to see her blossom has been such a joy for me. It’s the reason I do what I do.

She had a variety of physical issues due to Lyme disease and all its co-infections. Anyone with that struggle knows how frustrating and hopeless it can feel.

Healing Issues of the Heart

Remember, working on underlying emotions of the heart is how I help you work on any issue. It doesn’t matter whether it’s physical, emotional, success or relationships.

The Healing Codes is one of my favorite tools for clearing any heart junk keeping you from your ideal life. I used this technique, as well as a few others, to help her gently peel back the layers, releasing the trapped emotions and images that were ready to heal.

The cool part is, as one memory and all the emotions tied to it heal, it also releases many other resonating emotions from other memories. That’s a lot of clearing going on!

We looked back over the last several months and checked to see where her original issues were rated today. Most had reduced down to non-existent and some were so close to only 4-5% remaining.

Your Work Pays Off

I love seeing the results of all the work she had done.

Sometimes the changes occur so subtly you just don’t see the big picture at first. It was so much fun going through and finding how much everything had shifted over time.

As you are working through your own life issues, please take the time to acknowledge even the smallest shifts you find. It’s the simplest changes that add up to big results.

Also, take a peek at the things you originally started working on. Many of my clients start with something that was really disrupting their life. When that was cleared they then move onto something else. You intuitively prioritize your own needs. However sometimes the original issue is forgotten and if you get stuck on something new, you may think it isn’t being effective. Taking that look back reminds you how well it really does work.

Practice Gratitude

Make sure you give gratitude for all those gifts of healing, even the smallest, as that will amplify your future results.

If you find yourself stuck and would like some help, consider trying a session with me by clicking HERE.

Trying a different approach and possibly even adding some other techniques might just be your answer to moving forward.



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