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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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The fear of success

This is a block that many people don’t think about often. Why would we fear Success? It’s what we all want right. There couldn’t be anything that would make us fear Success right?


I want you to fast forward to your life with Success. Now think about what negative things could happen if you attain your ultimate success.

#1 The fear you’ll never be satisfied.

What if it’s never enough? You may fear you’ll never be satisfied even after reaching your goals. You will keep going for the next best thing no matter how much you make or how successful you are.

#2 Too much responsibility

Do you fear people would expect too much out of you? It may put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. When you’re successful you may be the one everyone’s looking to for more support, more donations, more family help etc. That kind of responsibility can be scary. You don’t want to disappoint or make anyone upset with you if you choose something else to support.

#3 Fear of losing it all

With all your newfound success, there can come a fear that you’ll lose it again. You may finally find yourself feeling secure and able to do things you’ve only dreamed of. Then your mind wonders back to the times when you went without. So many people get caught up in this fear, that they end up actually attraction that lacks back into their lives.

Remember you attract what you put your attention on.

Don’t let the old fear of lack bring that story back to life. Let it go and enjoy what you have today and watch your success increase even more.

#4 The envy of others

There’s an old term used in the UK and other places called, “tall poppy syndrome.” It’s used to describe what happens when individuals rise above or are successful in some way. They are resented, criticized or cut down by others because they’ve distinguished or elevated themselves above their peers.

This fear of being cut down can change your interaction with others. If you’re different you may feel disconnected or lose relationships.

Let your unique qualities shine. You have a gift to offer and the only way that’s going to get out there is to stand out in some way. Focus on the people in your lives that support and love you. You’ll find more like you and build even better relationships along the way.

Keep Moving on Up!

When these Fear of Success blocks come forward, it’s a good sign you’re on the right path.

The resistance you’re feeling is an upper limit block that’s keeping you in your comfort zone. Don’t let the fear of success stop you from reaching your greatness.  That’s the place where you’ll succeed far beyond your dreams.

Sometimes it’s enough to simply acknowledge the fear and move through it.

Other times you may need some help because it’s so deeply embedded into your internal programming.

If you’re having difficulty getting past it, look at each fear that comes up and tries to find the root source and clear it. There are many techniques used for this, like EFT, The Healing Codes , The Emotion Code, mindful meditation and many more.

The important thing is to work through your fears, so you can grow to tallest height possible.

Success is waiting for you!


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