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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Emotions ARE really felt in the heart.

This morning my oldest son left. He’s moving to a city 12 hours away but it feels like a whole world away.

For the last several days I’ve kept myself busy with doing things to keep myself distracted. Every now and then my mind would go back to that darling boy in my mind.

That diaper-butt in Levis, running across the living room.

His trusting Eyes

Those big blue eyes looking up at me for help when he couldn’t quite do something on his own.

His first day of Kindergarten… Another milestone, those same blue eyes looking at me with that same sort of excitement but sadness at the same time.

My boy, growing up and going through each stage, looking at me with a variation of that same look.

This morning was no different.

Watching him drive away…Ugghhhhhh.

I can’t say I’ve ever felt anything quite so heart tugging with such a mix of emotions. I’m feeling like there was a huge weight on my chest and I started breathing wayyy to hard.

And can still feel it as I write this post.

I realize I will be easing through all of this for a while and I am so grateful I have tools like The Healing Codes. It will help me release any emotions of the heart that I may have difficulty processing right now.

It’s not denial or covering up.

Using tools to help process won’t cover up anything but will help your heart see that all is well. It helps to bring out the positive in the situations and see so many great things. It’s  much better than wallowing in the negative.

I’m not saying you won’t ‘feel’ anything. I mean we are humans, right?

Trapped emotions

But The Healing Codes help put you into a relaxed state that makes things feel grounded and stable. They help give support when we need it the most.

And right now I need that support!

God’s guidance and prayer have always brought the right tools to me in his perfect timing. With that support, even thoughts surface easier, like, “Hey we have done a good job as parents.”

We guided him…. Even when he felt he didn’t need it

We gave him space…. Even when we didn’t want to.

And most of all…

We loved him with all of our hearts.

So to my Son I say

We are so proud of you Son! Go and have the best life you can and enjoy every second of it.

Follow your dreams

And always remember we are here for you my sweet boy.

Your personal safety net.

We love you.



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