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Writing & Wisdom

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Let’s talk about Energy Blocks.


I get a lot of people asking the question, “What exactly are energy blocks?” and since it’s such a great topic I decided to do a Facebook live stream on it giving an analogy that I heard the other day.


If you’d like to catch the video, Click the Image Below.


Imagine if you have some important documents on paper that need to be delivered immediately to a destination across town in person and it’s on an important timeline.


You hop in your car and start the drive across town. The roads are smooth, the traffic is fine and then all of the sudden you come across a major accident that is completely blocking the road. The road is closed off and there’s no going around it.


There’s no way around it!


There are no detours you can take and you are stuck there for hours. Then you find out that it might be closed off for days?


You can’t get past it, but these documents are really important, and you can’t get it to where it needs to go, and if you don’t get it there in that time, something bad could happen. People may be relying on you and it could even be a life or death situation. This roadblock could be disastrous.


When you think of our energy pathways like that, it’s very similar. We have information pathways, and they’re all around us… In our human energy field.


It’s important that there aren’t any blocks getting in the way so that important information that we have going from one part of our body to the other can get there. If it’s blocked things just won’t work right or are slowed way down.


You don’t feel like yourself…


Negative emotions can be a type of block as well. When they are off you feel stuck and out of sorts. I know I’ve felt that way when my energy is off. I mix up my words more and I just don’t feel good. I’m kind of in a bad mood, spacey, or I’m not clear about what I want to do. I’m not focused. I might find myself sitting in front of Netflix all day long. You know what I’m talking about? Those blocks can also be in the form of physical symptoms or relationship issues and even affect your finances. We attract what we put out and if your energy is off you may not be attracting the right financial flow or job opportunities.


When your energy is blocked and you’re not getting information transferred from one part of you to the other, including the energy around you, miscommunication can happen. You may say the wrong thing. You mean something, yet they hear something different because you’re just blipping all over the place with your energy. It could even affect your business, your income, finances … Everything can go haywire because you’re just not on your game.


Everything is scattered and mixed up.


When you think of frequencies, and if it’s not tuned in, like on a TV channel or old radio channel, you get static, and you just feel like oh, that’s irritating, right? Basically, your vibration goes bonkers, and it’s no fun, plus, the other part of this is when you have blocks, your energy goes down physically, too.


You feel tired all the time. It’s just not fun…


When you clear the blocks, allowing the information to get where it needs to go, everything can function properly. Everything is going where it’s supposed to go. You feel like everything is flowing with ease and grace, and ahhhh, it just feels so much better.


You know what I’m talking about. The days where you feel like you get so much more done. I call this Einstein time. You could get 10 times more done that day, and not even feel like you even worked that hard because your energy is on, you aren’t blocked.


You’re moving and everything is smooth sailing, right? You know those kinds of days I’m talking about. That’s what I call living in the vortex, and it’s also what we call healing, so if you aren’t blocked, if everything is flowing, you don’t have any roadblocks in your energy, you can get information from one end of you to the other, and things work right.


Your body is then able to self-heal, it was made to self-heal and because it has all the energy needed it can do its job. Plus you attract more of the things in life that you want in the same way.


Like attracts like.


To start attracting better health, wealth and relationships it’s really important that you look for any blocks within you, and get support if you can’t figure out what it is. If there’s something going on, you know it intuitively that you aren’t feeling right, so get that support that you need, okay? There are lots of ways to clear energy blocks. I use the Emotion Code and EFT, The Healing Codes. I use different scanning systems that help with clearing energy blocks. It’s a beautiful thing. We have so many resources these days. We’re in a paradigm shift of information and of learning new ways that we can help ourselves, and others, so that’s what I’m here for.


I hope this has helped you. If you found this helpful, please share this post.


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