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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Have you ever experienced getting angry, sad, or frustrated but didn’t know where it was coming from?


Sometimes, those emotions aren’t even yours. They’re coming from someone that you have a relationship with or someone you’ve been in contact with.


Energy Cords are ties that you have between yourself and someone else.


When you cut a cord, it doesn’t mean that you have to sever the relationship completely. It just means that you’re cutting that unhealthy part of the relationship that’s no longer serving either one of you.


Cords are energy: they are the emotions that you are drawing on, you’re bringing in from another person, or you’re sending out to another person, too, because it can go both ways.


When you release and cut those cords at the root, it may not just be about that one person. It could be a pattern you’ve inherited and now you’re having repeat relationship problems or repeat histories with people.


Build new better relationships by cutting unhealthy cords.


When you cut the cord, you’re actually freeing up space for new better relationships and you raise your vibration.


When your energy goes up, you’ll be able to start attracting the people and circumstances that you want for a better life.


To keep up with things like getting more sales in your business or strengthening your bond with more positive people, you need to have a higher energy—the kind of energy that keeps you going.


Another thing to think about is this could affect anything, even your health.


So, if you have many cords and you recognize them, there’s a good chance that possibly your health problems are coming from that as well or at least part of them.  


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I want to hear your thoughts.


Did you ever have a negative cord from someone? How did you cut that? Remember that to keep a healthy vibration, you really need to pay attention to your cords.


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