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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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You can’t do anything if you’re trying to do everything.


But on the flip side, you can do pretty much anything if you aren’t trying to do everything at once.


It hits most of us from one time to another. We want to have superhuman capabilities like being able to be at multiple places at once doing multiple things…  And sometimes we even act like we can do just that. The only thing is that we are human and we can burn ourselves out by trying to do too much at one time and zap, we’re toast.


If you look at the things you are doing as energy and realize that everything is energy, every action, every thought, every emotion, every organ, gland, tissue all of it, then you can start to grasp how much it takes to get things done effectively.


We only have so much energy stored inside ourselves and created each day so choose wisely how you spend it.


Focus on the important things and make sure you refuel and align your energy often.


Here’s my in-depth talk about this with more tips on how to achieve what you want without getting fatigue, feeling frustrated, and overwhelmed and avoiding potential burnout.


Click the photo to watch the FB Live Replay


I know how it is to be driven, excited and passionate about what you want to be, do and have in this life. I also know how it is to be extremely sensitive to energy… and that has its own learning curve.


Your energy should be guarded like gold!


Every form of currency can be made and spent, traded or given away.  And it all needs to be recharged once spent, otherwise we end up with nothing to keep us going.  Energy is a currency and just like money that’s spent needs to be earned again to fill the bank account back up, we need to build that energy up again too. The issue can be when we’re passionate sometimes we spread ourselves out too much and then zap, you feel tired and listless with no more forward movement at all…Yep frozen in inaction and being stuck.


Choosing priorities and things that have the most amount of ROE (return on effort) is really important to conserve energy.


Remember what’s important to do rather than trying to do it all. You only have so many hours in a day this is why prioritizing your time is so important.


And It’s not enough to just ‘work hard’. hard work can be a waste of your time and life when it’s thrown at the wrong things, plus there’s a fine line between getting things done and burnout.


So focus persistently on ONE thing.


Focus on one thing at a time and only one thing. Don’t consistently attempt to do too much! What you produce and your creativity will suffer.


Make your single focus something that’s exciting because you KNOW it will produce a positive and amazing outcome. Others will pick up on that high vibe feeling and want to be a part of it as well. This could include clients, people wanting to hire you as well as relationships and even your health.


So take time out for you… Align your energy. And make sure you’re filling your own energy love tank up every single day.


Please share what you do to refuel your energy reserves in the comments below. We love to learn more ways to help keep that high vibe feeling.


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