Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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I know there’s a lot of fear right now around the coronavirus and I wanted to do my share to help you through it.


When we give in to fear it crushes our immune system and previous symptoms (or new ones) crop up and can set you back years. 


Also within the fight or flight response, there’s also the tendency to freeze which can be just as debilitating. Do you find yourself pacing back and forth not really getting anything done? Maybe you’re having anxiety… Are you having issues sleeping well? Are you waking up achy and just feeling like crap?


I mean you could be using this time to create your new program, engage with your peeps or decluttering your home. Maybe a spring clean is needed. (I did that a couple of days ago!)


Remember fear is contagious… 


When we sense it in others we feel it in ourselves especially most of you who are empaths. I could feel it as I was walking through the grocery store this last week and I could feel my energy drain so fast leaving me fatigued and depressed until I took some action to clear that sh** out!  I used my energy work to balance and feel peace again quickly. 


Click HERE to download the meditation mp3.


As you work with this energy you’ll notice things come up from your past that’s finally ready to clear too.


I found that as I was using the mp3 I’m sharing with you, other things came up that had been stuck deep inside me since childhood. I do this work often so this is always incredible to me. 


As we go through new things in life it triggers the deepest emotions to surface, As I continue to do this work I remind myself that this is actually a great opportunity to clear out a lot that could be connected to your health and wealth state. 


Often we get these triggers (like the Covid-19 fear) which allows what’s buried deep to come forward so we can finally see them heal on all levels. Prosperity, physical health, spirit… all of it. 


Here’s how I’m helping my body, mind, and spirit to heal itself.


I’ve created an energy healing code mp3 with embedded number frequencies to counteract the negative energy we are dealing with in so many ways. Remember everything is energy. Your cells, bacteria, viruses, emotions like fear and anxiety, joy, love… everything! 


Some of the embedded frequencies are the elimination numbers to what our world is seeing today. The best way to protect yourself! I’ve also added sound frequency and subliminal messages to help your energy balance and increase in strength. 


Use this video to start clearing out everything that’s lowering your ability to stay healthy. 


Remember to say these truth statements often:


“My Body is Made to Self-heal.”


“My Natural State is a Healthy State.”


“My Natural State is an Abundant State.”


And let me know how you feel after it.


You’ve got this. You are strong and I believe in you!


If you would like to learn more about how to use this healing technique on other issues you can get the FREE program HERE as well.


I’ve also created a powerful energy balancing  App that you can download and start giving you a boost of Peace, Joy, Love and overall healing in as little as 60 seconds a day >> HERE


P.S. If you’re looking for a community that will help you manifest more and shine in your life, health and biz Join our Facebook group Shining Mentors + Successful Entrepreneurs. We want to help you reach your dream. See you there!



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