Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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We’re all looking for it. We all need this special gift.

It’s Inner Peace.

Just saying the word feels comforting. Try it… Just speak those words with the intention of feeling all that it means… Peace.

We’re designed to be in the natural state of abundance and it is a major part of that.

It’s why we’re always asking for more of it. It’s built into the code God originally created for all of us.

When we’re at peace we feel aligned to our creator.

We feel more love, forgiveness, trust, and abundance in all ways.

Really, all those feelings are places where we ultimately want to live and they’re all connected. When you feel love, you’re feeling peace, you feel happy and you’re in life’s positive flow.

Sound good? Then, drop the crazy!

When you’re out of that zone you feel out of sorts, often miserable and not in the sweet spot of life.

I hear people say, “ I just want a little peace.”

I’ve also said it to myself, to others, to God and at times I’ve found myself pleading for it.

Peace flips your abundance switch into hyper-drive.

When you’re at peace you’re lifted to that higher vibe state that increases your magnetic abilities, which attract more good into your life.

So Peace Up! Give yourself a little bit of it today.

Here’s a simple way to gain some peace right now.

1. Focus on peace:

How does it feel to be at peace? Visualize a past time you experienced it and grab those feelings to give momentum to the following steps.

2. Say your Intention or Prayer:

Close your eyes and ask for a moment of Peace. Ask it from your heart, not your head and make that true connection.

3. Take mindful breaths:

Take 5 deep, even breaths filling your lungs and slowly exhaling and focus on relaxing.

4. Allow yourself to receive.
Simply set your intention to be open and willing to receive. You do deserve this.

5. Connect with others.

We’re all connected and by allowing yourself this gift you’re giving to others as well. Ask that this be shared with anyone that needs it.

And here’s my gift to you.

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If you’re reading this now it’s for a reason… to regain your precious balance. 

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This code is very powerful so please don’t miss out.

Happy Holidays.

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