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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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What you need to do if you’re not seeing the fruit of your hard work yet. 


When you’re working hard and putting yourself out there but it’s just not working to grow your business or get new ideal clients. It can feel so frustrating! The ROE (return on effort)  is not moving the $ scale as you’d like in your bank account and you may feel like just giving up. 


You start feeling that resistance, the distrust…  You feel that it’s never going to happen for you. The problem is when you start thinking that way, like with all energy it pushes back those good results, those dreams, and goals from manifesting. 





I want you to really focus on what it is that you’re trying to create. 


Everything goes from unseen to the seen. Know and have that faith and trust that it is growing underneath the surface. 


Think about it like a little bud, and there’s soil there, everything is right there below the surface. And if you all of a sudden, stop watering it, that little plant wouldn’t come to the surface, right? It’s right there, you’re almost there, don’t stop! That’s the same way with your business. 


You also need to step into who you want to be before you can actually create it. 


If you don’t believe you’re good enough. If you don’t believe you deserve it. All those thoughts prevent you from having the success that you want. And yes, I’ve worked on the “I don’t deserve this” many times in the past. And I’ve cleared out so many different layers. 


But it’s like an ongoing journey and it’s so enlightening when you can start seeing yourself as a whole different person over time, and see what you need to work on next. For instance, when I worked on a deserving part, I was able to step into being that person that owned an amazing house… and now I’m here living that reality! 


I want to remind you that you can manifest your dreams too. 


You can reach all those goals, those dreams, whether they’re your health, or your business, or your relationships, you can have it all just by working on yourself.


And I wanted you to be aware that it’s all growing underneath the surface right now. You may sometimes feel the worst right before you have a breakthrough. You could feel like everything’s blowing up around you. Usually, that is the most amazing sign that you’re ready to step up into that next quantum leap. You know, you’re ready for that next level. 


But whenever you’re starting to feel that resistance. I do have my Chakra app, which helps so much, it’s ready for you to download on your phone. It exercises your chakras wakes them up and aligns them, so that they’re working for your benefit every day. 


So, when you’re aligning yourself, just the high vibration of being aligned, helps your body to attract more of what you want, whether it’s health, relationships, business, finances, whatever it is, it’s helping you to attract that back. 


I created the Chakra app to keep it easy. We have hidden frequencies in there to help raise your vibration. It’s all about energy vibrations. You can play the music from this end, it will help align your energy. It’s amazing and it’s free, so please download it HERE. Let’s step into that next level version of yourself and claim your birthright. 


And to remember that your natural state is an abundant state.


If you have any questions, post them in the comments. And if this blog has helped you in any way, please share it. I would love to get this out there to as many people as possible because it’s my whole dream to really impact people’s life. 


And finally, subscribe to my podcast “The Energy of Business and Life Show” on Spotify or Apple podcast. I would really appreciate it and it makes it possible for me to continue doing what I do best. Have a great rest of the day. 


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