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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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How would it feel, if you could take 3 easy steps to complete happiness?

We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve and that’s a great thing. They keep us going, inspiring us to move forward. We create wonderful things in this world because of them.

But many times it feels like something’s missing.

You know what I mean?

So often you reach one goal or dream, then realize that it didn’t create that feeling you thought it would. It didn’t fill the endless void, you’ve had deep down, for as long as you can remember.

You’re looking in all the wrong places.

Those fixes used to work but now it just doesn’t give you that spark. That drive to get up in the morning and rush into your day, excited and ready to make things happen.

Even when you do finally reach your goal, there’s something missing. It feels flat or falls short of what you imagined.

Maybe you finally got that new car you’ve always wanted and were excited as you drove it around… for a couple of weeks. Then… nothing.

You lost that feeling.

So you start reaching for the next thing, that you just know, will pick you up again.

The problem with that is, it never lasts.

That feeling you’re looking for isn’t in the new car, clothes, house or any other external circumstances. Yes, they may feel good for a while but it’s short lived.

What you’re looking for is here, right now and is available to you at all times.

It doesn’t come with a price tag or elevate our status.

That joy you keep trying to create is so abundant and endless and just requires a little shifting, to allow it to surface.

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Here’s an easy way to bring it out.

60 Second love shower

Step 1: Think of a moment when you felt the best in your life. Hopefully you have more than a few to choose from but for now just grab one memory.

Step 2: Close your eyes and allow yourself to really feel the good emotions from that memory, allowing them to sink in deep. Sit with it for at least 1 minute, allowing it to wash over you.

Step 3: Now open your eyes and give gratitude for the gift, that 60 second love shower gave you.

So easy and yet so effective.

If you can to do that a few times a day, you’ll find yourself maintaining that feeling, you were looking for in other ways.

If you need more help.

I help my clients create their inner peace and happiness by using powerful tools that amp this practice up 100 times. The Healing Codes are a favorite of mine, as well as EFT, The Emotion Code and many more energy healing techniques. I have a video tutorial on the upper right sidebar on this page to help you get started.

If you feel like you need more help please check out my offerings HERE. It could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Isn’t it time to stop looking for your happiness in those short lived experiences and align everything, body, mind, spirit and the divine, for lasting, endless joy?



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