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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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We all have times when we just can’t take it anymore. Something pivotal may have happened or maybe it’s a prolonged onslaught of problems that have rained down on you for too long.

Whatever the case, it is time to heal your heavy heart and move on.

Sometimes it feels impossible to let go of that which no longer serves us. We hang onto the old feelings because for some reason we think we need them still. For instance fear. Fear does have its value. It keeps us safe through times that are dangerous or threatening our safety and prevents us from making the same mistakes that we have suffered from in the past. It only becomes a problem when it prevents us from living our lives in a natural safe state.

When we find fear is preventing us from living freely with peace it is time to change, but how?

The Healing Codes heal fear and so much more.

When we are trying to let go of issues like fear, anger, resentment, grief or whatever may be weighing down your heart it can be difficult. The main reason for this is we keep replaying our past over and over. We have this subconscious programming that gets stuck in that replay mode 24/7. Some people will talk about the issues every day to anyone that will listen, and even to themselves when no one else is available. All this does is feed those emotions and keep them alive and well, gaining more strength every day. This vicious cycle continues on indefinitely until you can find a way to release it.

Modalities that heal

There are so many healing techniques out there that really help. For instance, EFT is a super tool for post-traumatic stress and anxiety issues. I love this tool and use it for many circumstances where I need to relieve situational stress. It is quick and effective. More techniques like EMDR and TFT are used by many with similar positive results. I love that we have access to these tools, and find it beneficial to experiment with them and find which fits best for you personally. We are all different and there is no one size fits all or magic bullet when it comes to healing.

Helen Keller Quote

My personal favorite, of course…

Although I am trained in EFT and love it, my personal favorite for healing any emotional issues of the heart is The Healing Codes.

Over the years I have spent countless hours with other modalities and have felt they have all offered me insight and education on my journey. Some helped more than others and somewhere extremely expensive in comparison to the benefits. When I found The Healing Codes I knew I had found that rare jewel that would help in more ways than any other tool I had previously used.

The Healing Codes Heal Heavy Hearts

I can’t explain it any better than this. When your heart is weighed down with an emotion that you can’t escape from, doing a Healing Code or Custom  Code is the absolute best way to untangle yourself from it.

By putting your intention on healing the emotion bothering you the most at the time, and then doing your code on it, releases you in many ways. It not only works on the emotion with the highest charge but any underlying emotions that will come to the surface while you are doing it.

Healing many emotions at one time

A beautiful thing with using The Healing Codes is you don’t have to be super specific. With other modalities, you really need to zero in on what you want to work on. While doing your Healing Code, many things surface naturally that want to be uncovered and healed, even if you have no recollection of them. It does speed up the process if you can find the hidden memories and beliefs, but it isn’t necessary to your final outcome. If you are practicing your codes regularly your issues will surface to heal.

Release the burdens of your heart and lighten your emotional load today. A more content and peaceful life can be yours. Find help HERE



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