When we think of creative people most of us think of artists or people that come up with new ideas…

Creativity comes in so many packages.

It can be a thought or putting something into action. It is even being able to create a positive environment for yourself and those around you or creating feelings like love.  Creativity is energy, there is no end to it, it is everywhere.

Think about that while you are living your everyday life. We all have the incredible ability to create whatever it is that we want.  Starting with your thoughts, put your focus on what you would like to create in your life. I’m sure your intention is NOT to create a lousy day. You want the best day possible, right?

I use The Healing Codes to put my mind in a positive creative state.

Doing a session in the morning before doing anything else will help remove any resistance or stress you may be having. You know how it feels when you have that bounce in your step at the beginning of your day? Your day almost always goes well with that kind of start. That is exactly where you want your frame of mind to be as often as possible. Getting that momentum rolling in that great direction will reinforce it and the down times become less and less.

Remember creativity is always around us, and it’s our choice in what we are willing to create.

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