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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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“How do I clear the core block keeping me from making more money, better health, a successful business, better love life…”

That’s the big question I get from my clients.

Another question I hear often is, “Will this be the big one? You know the block that finally releases me from being stuck?”

You want to see results quick!

I totally get the frustration and actually have been there myself many times in the past.

It’s a process for sure and sometimes it takes time as the layers show themselves to clear. That can be confusing, as other blocks seem to clear overnight.

Are you tired of all the layers?

I understand that you want your life to get moving, like now.

The thing to remember is, you didn’t get where you are overnight. You have many years, possibly generations, behind the issues you’re trying to fix.

So if it takes you a few months to clear a pattern you’ve have since childhood, then I think some patience is in order, don’t you?

When I first started working with energy I got so frustrated when things weren’t moving fast enough. What I didn’t realize is that the feeling of frustration was actually holding me back and causing more resistance.

When I began to let that go, everything started rolling along quickly.

Once I had a taste of that, I got excited and started working harder to make those shifts, using energy, to clear as much as I could fast.

What came up next was everything started clearing too quickly and I felt horrible at first. It was because the energy was shifting faster than my body could handle.

Now that one was hard! No one likes to feel like they’ve been ran over by a truck. So I purposely slowed things down and allowed everything to process in it’s own time.

I realize when you’re in pain and want your health back, slowing down and waiting doesn’t sound like fun.

In the same breath when you’re struggling financially or your relationship is on the rocks, you want change now.

But there’s a reason why you’re going through this process and only you know what it is. You may not know it consciously but there’s a wiser part of you that knows what needs to be released today… trust it.

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That part of you knows what will cause the least amount of pain for the highest amount of benefits.

When I work with my groups, I pull in everyone’s highest wisdom, to access what it is that needs help first. It’s a powerful resource!

You can listen to that same inner guidance to see what needs help today.

Maybe you really want to make $10,000 a month but what keeps coming up is a deep sense of loneliness.

Work on the loneliness first, as it’s most likely connected to why you aren’t making money or money leaves faster than you can make it.

The cool thing is,

[Tweet “”When you work on one issue, you work on all issues.” ~Melissa Zoske”]

When you heal the loneliness issue, you find you’re more content with yourself and become more outgoing. Being more social leads you to collaborations that help your biz grow.

Being more social also makes you happier and your body relaxes enough to heal itself. BOOM!

Do you see all the connections? It’s unlimited.

My point is, allow the layers to come up to clear at their own speed. Allow your higher self to choose what’s best for you and trust that it will all happen for your highest and best good at the perfect pace and time.

What’s your job? 

To consistently take the steps needed to help this process along, while maintaining trust and patience.

Be ok with it to take as long as it takes. You got this, the universe has your back.

Now go and clear those layers using the tools I share on this site! They’re waiting and if you need help in that department, remember I’m here for you. My most popular session is the Take it To The Next Level Session and you can check it out HERE.

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