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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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I know it can be overwhelming to try to come up with new content for your business, so I decided to share some great tips to make it fun, easy and quick.


There are so many ways to create great content for your posts but the biggest tip is to make it super valuable.


It has to have something people can really use to help them with their issues. And it has to be something you really truly resonate with body, mind, and spirit because that’s the way we spiritual entrepreneurs roll.


If we give subpar information we feel yucky about ourselves and that energy goes out to your ideal clients as “Warning, warning this is NOT authentic, this person is NOT for you… run!” We don’t want that. So listen in for some great tips to making content easy, fun and quick.


So watch my Video on how you can keep that balance and still offer amazing content that truly helps people around the world.



For example, if your ideal clients are entrepreneurs they may need info about how to post to social media, or how to make images via Canva. Or maybe they need help on prioritizing what to do first to build a solid foundation for their business…


If your clients are mainly struggling with health issues and you are a health coach you might offer help in daily healthy quick food recipes, exercises that make an impact fast,  low-stress habits, techniques to help anxiety, herbs, and oils that have different healing benefits and so many more ideas.


To be able to create content in all of this it has to come from somewhere and when you think about that pretty much everything has already been taught, created or talked about somewhere… So let go of:


  •      Coming up with totally new information.


  •      Read books that would help your IC and share the knowledge in your own unique way. Maybe you have a way of using similar information that is unique to your coaching practice or even just sharing the information is helpful.


  •      Read other Blog posts and ask the authors if they would like to write a post for your tribe. By sharing that information you have totally new content.


  •      Ask to be a guest on other people’s Podcast and then again you can share what you taught there along with the links… It helps both of you.


  •      Look at Amazon Books around your field and see what ideas start to burst forward there. You could find some really great ideas that would help your people. Also look for books with the most positive reviews. That is a clue you are heading in the right direction.


  •      Look in FB groups and the topics people seem to gravitate toward. This is a huge field of information and sharing.


  •      Use Pinterest to search for your topics. Recipes, healing modalities, blog posts, just put your search words into the bar and see what comes up and has the most pins or hits. The most number shows the most interest people are having.


  •      Use hashtags related to your kind of work and what your IC would be searching for in all the social media platforms. Remember you’re using your client’s words, not your peers. Sometimes there’s a big difference. Just be aware of that.


  •      Create Youtube videos, IGTV or FB Live Streams and then have them transcribed and turned into a blog post. So easy and greater content.


  •      Finally, do a basic Google search for what your clients may be looking for and use that information to create new content.


Read, read, read and your mind will have a ton of new ideas.


Once you start going over some of those, file the information in a way you can come back to it. I reuse different ideas for podcasts, blog posts, Youtube videos, live streams, newsletters and so much more. Don’t be afraid to reuse your past work with a spin because such a small percentage of your people actually see it the first time around anyway.


Now GO and create your new content and don’t stop there… Share it!


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