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Writing & Wisdom

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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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In my previous Blog post, I wrote about What are Energy Blocks but I didn’t want to stop there. I want to give you an idea of many of the different types of energy Blocks that are floating around out there in this world.


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Energy blocks are almost anything… even in the form of emotions. Think about it. When you’re in a good mood, you’re walking down the street, you’re all happy, you’re whistling, everything’s going great, and then something bad happens, and all of a sudden, you’re in a bad mood. Your energy goes down… That’s because the negative emotion that you encountered brought you down and it dampened your energy. We’re going to have emotions go up and down, but learning how to see them for what they are, and clearing them faster, not hanging on to them as long, is really helpful.


Energy is Everything.


Toxins are energy blocks. Viruses, bacteria, their byproducts, mycoplasma, anything in that realm could be an energy block.


Negative Beliefs can totally be a block. It can sabotage you on every level. Just thinking negative, like Ugh, how could I be so dumb? Ughh, they’re dumb. Nobody does anything right. I always have to do everything myself!


Whatever your negative thinking is, that’s an energy block, so just being aware of it is helpful in clearing it, because your perception on things can change, and so just because you think something now, you could be thinking the same thing tomorrow but have a different perception of it, and be more positive about it, and it’s not going to come out that same way.


Toxic relationships can be strong energy blocks. They can really set you up for disaster.


Stress is the number one for everything, right? It seems to be the worst thing in our existence. We can’t get away from stress. Learning to deal with stress, whether it’s exercise, taking walks, getting outside, whatever that is can help reduce those energy blocks as well and clear them out.


Long-term illnesses… Chronic illnesses can be in themselves blocks. Usually, energy blocks can contribute to getting the illness in my opinion, just because everything is energy, but long-term illness by itself can be another energy block.


Accident stress is another one. Like getting in a car wreck or any kind of accident can be another block, because then you have all these fears come up. They bring up old memories, even ones that you’ve inherited. We aren’t born just inheriting hair and eye color. We’re not born an empty slate. We inherit a ton of information from our ancestors. Things like beliefs, traumas, and memories. All those things are energy, and energy brings up things in our lives today, and when we think of something that’s upsetting, it triggers that early inherited belief. It could also be emotions that you inherit or you absorb from people that were influential in your life, even in childhood.


Maybe it’s your little league coach and he said things that settled deep into you, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Those are energy blocks.


Think about all this. Think about the analogy I had in the beginning about the roadblocks, and how it’s so important that we get the information from one end of town to the other, and how our human body field is the same way. We need to make sure we get that information from the top of our head down to our feet and all around us to wherever it needs to go so that we can then be able to have a nice clear path and get there quickly, getting the information where it needs to go.


We need to be able to have one part of us communicate with everything else. That’s how our body functions on a physical level, is via communication… Information pathways. Energy, like I said, it’s not just the energy that’s internally within us. It’s all around us, because we extend out so far in our field, and we affect things around us as well.


Keeping those energy blocks cleared and avoiding creating new energy blocks is really important.


I hope this has helped you. If you found this helpful, please share this post.


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