Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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When you feel like everything is a struggle and it’s always a push, force, sweat and still nothing moves much it’s time to look deeper.  


Have you thought it could be something you were born with? Like things, you brought into this world just like inherited eye and hair color?


Something from your ancestors, your grandmother, your great grandmother, your great, great, great, grandfather and so on and so on.


It goes back so far we don’t know really how far back we’ve collected these cellular memories and beliefs but when you think about all that information you’re born with and how that can influence how you think, how you respond, how you talk, how you put yourself out there in your business, all of it…


It can start to make a lot of sense as to why things feel so hard.


Watch this video to learn more about what’s keeping you, your business and possibly your health from being in the natural WIN state of living.



I’ve talked in the past about how we inherit more than hair and eye color from our parents. Well, it goes back multiple generations on what we inherit. And it’s so much more than hair and eye color.


It’s your beliefs, it’s your thought patterns, it’s habits, it’s things that you see your uncle doing that people are like “Oh my gosh, you got that from your uncle.”


It is all about what we carry and not all of it is good.


So when we’re looking about the things like the negative beliefs and the programming you have to consider that these things are what is driving you to take the action steps that you’re taking today or how you respond to other people.


So for instance, if you have a kindergarten memory where you said something that you thought was really smart and instead people made fun of you making you feel really bad about yourself.


That memory made you just crawl into a shell and for your whole life you’ve been hiding, you don’t want to put yourself out there, you don’t want to say anything because you’re afraid of being laughed at or made fun of.


In your business, this has kept you from bringing in new clients and in turn more money. This one memory can cause things like not reaching out for healthy relationships and even make you feel so much anxiety that your health declines.


It’s all connected you see…


So by looking at it a little deeper and really ID-ing it and saying, okay, I accept that this is something that could be playing in my subconscious 24/7 and driving me to stay away from everyone else and not put myself out there, you’re really going to have some impact on other people’s lives by getting through these fears.


Because once you crush through these blocks you’re going to be stepping up and out and share your gifts with the world which is what you were supposed to be doing all along. You weren’t given these gifts to just sit back and do nothing with them and watch Netflix, right?


You were given these gifts so that we can share them with the world. That’s what you’re doing.


You’re not selling yourself. You’re sharing…, you’re serving.


So once you see how all of this is really not your fault and understand that there are ways to break free from the fail pattern it’s time to move forward.


I would love to help you with that. Send me a quick email at Melissa@melissazoske.com to see if we are a fit to help you uplevel your business and life.


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