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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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ls something blocking you from moving forward with your business or life general?

It’s amazing how the two things are so connected. Finding the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck, and using energy techniques to clear them, can heal many areas of your life.

Maybe you’re a coach of some kind and your business isn’t taking off the way you want.

Do you have a program or service, that you just know will help people, but find you’re resisting putting it out there?

There may be several reasons for that and finding the root of it could be deep within your own internal programming.

I’ve put together a short list to help you find what’s blocking you.

It almost always starts with your beliefs, which guide you in what steps are best to take next. If you have negative beliefs, then they could be keeping you from taking the path to success.

Does this sound familiar?

#1 I have one chance

No, you don’t, that’s a lie! Your life process is a learning process. We’re all doing field work right now and in trial and error mode. You put your program, product or service out there and notice what works and what doesn’t. If you aren’t getting the sales you think you should, then you need to make some changes.

Maybe this is in your product itself or it could be in the ads you use or the people you’re connecting with.

Give your SubC a checkup

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt that way? For example, a childhood memory of your father saying, “You get one chance at this or you’ll be punished.” That memory could be the root of your subconscious thinking. Just by acknowledging the fear and seeing that you’re safe to experiment now, helps to start clearing that programming.

#2 All or nothing thinking

Do you feel you have to do it all right now? If you don’t have your program all ready and perfectly packaged then just forget it. It’s all or nothing. Not only is this way of thinking crippling you from moving forward but it’s denying you the beauty of learning along the way.

[Tweet “All of life’s lessons create who you are.”]

Every single experience or tweak creates a better program or service, not to mention a more authentic you in the process if you let it.

Please don’t deny this.

[Tweet “You are unique and what you have to offer can’t be given by anyone else.”]

#3 Ego

If you fail, would you be proven wrong?

The important people in your life have told you this wouldn’t work and now you’re standing here on the threshold of success or failure. It could go either way…

The fear of moving forward because it may not go the way you want and you’ll be embarrassed is overpowering. What will people think of you? Will they say you’re a failure? Will they put you down in other ways?

The fear of what people think is also sabotaging your success. It keeps you stuck from producing anything. You won’t make any advances if you don’t try.

[Tweet “The only way you can succeed is to keep on keepin’ on.”]

So get your butt out there and keep moving forward.

#4 But it’s not perfect enough

Do you have a fear that your product or service isn’t perfect enough? You’ve reworked it over and over. You keep thinking you need to add more value to it.

That’s great because it shows you care, but if you find that it’s your repeated excuse for not offering it up, then it’s a definite block.

At some point, you’ll have to put your work out there and let your clients tell you if it’s a value or not. Again that’s where tweaking comes into play. It’s an opportunity you can only get, by putting it in front of the people you want to help.

There also may be a belief that, “if I’m not perfect, then I’ll be punished.”

If you have this pattern in your life, then obviously that’s going to slow you down.

Your subconscious wraps you in the safety of indecision and fear of moving forward, so you won’t make the wrong move.

This effectively removes any threat of punishment. But it’s an illusion because in being frozen, you find you’re still being tortured by not getting things done.

With this programming you aren’t making the living you want and you aren’t pulling in the cash flow you need to make your business successful.

So what can you do?

Clear your Blocks to Success

Work on the underlying root cause of all of this, which is your subconscious programming. Find the memories, and the beliefs formed within them, so you can get moving. This doesn’t just relate to business but every area of LIFE. Using some form of energy technique helps speed the process.

You have gifts to offer in many ways. By understanding that it’s just some programming getting in your way of success and happiness, you can start to change the way you operate in life.

[Tweet “Change your inner programming and start changing your life today.”]

And remember that I’m certified in many Energy techniques and have the skills to help you align your life and business. Being a certified Healing Codes Practitioner and coach, as well as other modalities like The Emotion Code, EFT, QT and my own unique energy techniques, will propel you quickly forward to your success. If you’re ready to start clearing your blocks to success now, check out my offerings HERE.


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