Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Are The Healing Codes your answer to manifesting what you want?


We all have something we want to call into our lives and whether it’s a big or little thing it doesn’t really matter. It could be as simple as a smaller pant size or as huge as healing from a debilitating illness.


For me, the things I’ve decided to call in have become a very real part of my life and the river of receiving has been massive. Here’s a recent Live Stream video talking about the new property we manifested by focusing on the steps I give you below.


Watch it to see how incredible it is and how easy it can be for you to open up to abundance.



Or Listen to The Energy of Business and Life Show podcast.



The thing is, you have to go through the same process to actually get its attention to swing it your way.


The absolute very first thing you’ve got to do is skip all the way to the end of your desired story…


Yep, it’s that simple.


At the end of the story you’re trying to create, you’re going to laser focus on what that end result would feel like.


How would things feel differently than you feel now?


Would you feel more confident? How about feeling Safe in your future? Security is huge, right? Maybe you’d have more love, more ease, more breathability? How about Joy and Peace… true happiness? Maybe you’d appreciate every day so much more because you’re so grateful to be here on this planet and thriving.


Whatever that end of your desired story feeling is I want you to step into it, feel it and breathe it all in until every cell of your body vibrates with that same energy.


Ok, now I want you to do something you may not have thought of. I want you to hold onto that feeling and let go of your desired outcome.


Once you truly let go of the outcome and just go full force into maintaining the desire and drive to keep that feeling… then you just changed the whole game.


You’ll propel yourself to a destination that’s probably wayyyy better than you ever imagined and things just start to click all over the place.


All of this is in the video HERE.


You can make the whole process go by so much faster and with much more ease by clearing out any obstacles keeping you stuck. I use one of my favorite tools which is The Healing Codes. I use it to tune into and clear the old programming that is low vibration. Once it’s out your energy naturally starts to rise on its own. And of course, there are other tools and tricks I use to amp this whole process up. To learn how to do a Healing Code and maybe even a Custom Healing Code you can get the tutorial HERE.


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