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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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How are the relationships in your life treating you these days?

Do you feel loved? Nurtured, accepted and all the other warm fuzzies that are supposed to go with great relationships?

Or maybe you feel let down, rejected or just that you aren’t supported.

Relationships affect every area of your life.

I’m not just talking about your relationship to other people. I’m talking about your relationship to yourself, to others and to God.

These all affect your life in such a big way and can make or break you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Your Love life, family life or Business and Career.

It can even affect your health!

If you aren’t in balance it all suffers.

Once your relationship in these areas is healed, it’s simply amazing how everything in your life flows easier and feels more content.

Think about it… When you feel good about yourself, treating yourself with love and kindness and offering good self-care, how does everything seem to go?

Isn’t life more relaxing, comfortable and flowing better? You enjoy living in the moment more and want to be generous to others.

It’s like you want to spread the love!

It’s a similar effect when your relationship with others is in balance. You feel nurtured, safe and loved. How could anything feel better than that?

That connection is important. Think of that word…

It’s all about Connection.

Even babies need that connection to thrive. We start off life needing to be held and loved or… we don’t thrive.

It makes me wonder where some have lost their way in this.

I mean it’s something that’s so needed, it’s encoded into our very cells, requiring that connection at birth.

It’s more than important, it’s crucial for your wellbeing, to find a way to restore and maintain all the relationships in your life.

Once those areas are healed it’s amazing how everything in your life flows easier and feels more content.

So here’s what I’d like to see you do.

Really take a look at your life right now. Check to see what connections are loose, what’s out of balance

How to Reconnect

To reconnect I recommend using The Healing Codes to heal those areas one at a time.

Its effects are powerful and far-reaching, so please give it a try. You’ll be grateful you did.

Here is a couple more article that may help you work through this. 3 easy ways to heal relationship and The secret to a happy relationship. 

The Healing Codes are very easy to work with and they will actually work in areas you aren’t even specifically addressing. You get benefits you didn’t even ask for!

What a VALUE!

If you need more information on how to use The Healing Codes please contact me at melissa@melissazoske.com or you can contact me HERE.

I would love to hear more about YOUR relationships.

Are you happy with all the relationships in your life?

Which ones would you like to improve? Please leave a comment below and share which relationship in your life, you would like to heal or are already in the process of healing.



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