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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Do you have a hard time letting go of attachments to what you want and just allowing life to flow? Or do you find yourself pushing through everything?


This topic is a good one because I know how hard it is to wrap your mind around letting go of something you want so badly. I had an amazing conversation with a couple of friends about letting go of attachments. We talked about how hard it is sometimes to have trust that things will work out the way you want.


You know, that faith and trust that once you put that intention out there things will manifest.

I explain it so much better in this video so CLICK HERE to learn more.


We talked in depth about detaching from the outcome, letting go of that attachment and allowing trust so it will actually happen. It’s so important to let the attachments go. What you try to hold onto something it actually creates more resistance.


But here’s the cool thing…

When you let go of your attachments, you’ll most likely get more than you asked for. 


It’s an awesome thing… It’s like you’re saying to the Universe “Okay, I trust that you’ll bring to me what’s best for my highest and greatest good”. Then when you let it go, the Universe is able to deliver in the best way possible… So be prepared for what you asked for to be even better than what you first had in mind.


Let go and trust that whatever’s going to happen, is going to happen for your highest and greatest good and watch the magic happen in your life. 


Watch it all start to manifest for you. Once you let that really settle in, it starts to click and things start to move forward with ease.


You’ll get inspired action steps to take, sent to you daily, via your internal guidance system (aka –inner GPS system) and BOOM it’s time to dance!


How can you make this all easier?


You can use energy work to help release your fears, frustration, beliefs and past programing. That way you’ll be sending clear signals to the Universe and get results quicker.


You may be stuck because of your inherited programming from your ancestors. When we’re born we have a gazillion cells loaded with information. We have patterns, programming, beliefs and memories handed down via our cells and it has deep roots. Energy work helps clear that, release stress and BOOM you’re on the winning team again.


Anyway, I had to share that with you today. I hope you had an amazing day and start thinking about what you want to create in your life.


Remember, good things start with beautiful intentions. ~Melissa Zoske 


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