Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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For some time now I’ve loved photography.

I love capturing the lives around me in snapshots.

Something deep within me needs to be able to transform the happiest moments I see into something solid.

Something eternal.

I usually stick to taking photos of people and that special something I see in their eyes, the connection they are feeling, as well as the beauty I see from my angle.

And most of all it’s the joyful moments that I never want to forget.

That’s why I decided to put my camera down more.

“Wait, What?” You’re probably asking.

You see my husband and I were at my daughter’s basketball game this last year and there I was shooting away.  I kept ‘just missing’ that perfect shot of her making a great move.

As I was looking through the lens I couldn’t see everything. At least not in the way I should be experiencing it.

My husband whispered over to me, “Put that down you’re missing too much.”

Are you missing out on life?

After the gam, my husband, who can be so full of wisdom, said to me, “Every time you take a photo,  you’re actually missing living in the moment.”

I was stunned. That’s not true! I felt like I was making that moment last longer. Stretching it to last a lifetime so I could relive it over and over.

As I thought about this over several days, I came to a conclusion.

He is right… I can see him smiling smugly over this-lol. Gotta love that guy!

Those moments only happen once.

You can never get that moment back in a photo. Yes, you may get a version of it but it’s not as powerful as living it.

Living in the present and experiencing the emotions in real time is where it’s at.

But how could I put my camera down when it’s become such a part of me?

Aaaand I just bought a new lens-Ha!

Finding a Healthy Balance.

Well I decided to set limits for myself in this. I would take some photos, capture a few moments, then set my camera down so I could fully take everything in.

I can say it felt really good doing that.  It has actually shown me how to live more in the now than ever.

Are you doing things in your life that keep you from living fully in the present?

It can be anything really. I’ve seen people use things like their houses not being clean enough to have friends over.

Maybe it’s not being at your ideal weight, which is stopping you from getting out into the dating scene again.

Or you’ve got so much work to do, that you never stop to smell the flowers.

Anything that separates you from living your life needs to be looked at closely.

Here are some hints that may help you find what it is that is blocking you from your desired life.

Ask yourself these questions

What do I gain from this separation?

What is this protecting me from? Could I get hurt by something here?

Do I fear that I may not have those great moments again? Maybe stopping before having them will prevent future pain.

Is there a fear of rejection if I participate more?

It’s time to heal

If you can bring these forward you have taken the first step to healing.

By just acknowledging them, you have made a significant shift. Now you know what to consciously start working toward.

What things separate you from your Gems in life?

I would love to hear what has kept you separated from living your life in the moment.  please share in the comments below.


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