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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

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This season can be such a very busy time of year and sometimes we get so busy we don’t even slow down enough to stop and smell the pumpkin pies.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts up to now then you know how important it is to relieve stress every day. It’s also important to enjoy the present and have gratitude for all we have in our daily lives.

So in this post, I wanted to tell you about a little something I do every Christmas to make it even more fun.

This is kinda a chick thing I know and for those of you, that would like to spice up your own Christmas morning excitement. It will give you a little of that excitement you experienced from your young Christmases in the past.

 Here is what I do…

One of my best friends and I were feeling a little grumpy that everyone’s stockings were so full and fun-filled every Christmas morning, but ours seemed well…lacking.

Were you naughty or nice?

Nothing against my darling husband’s stocking stuffing abilities. I love him dearly but it seemed to be something that was just overlooked every year. Don’t get me wrong, there would be something in there but the kids would always look at me with questioning looks on their faces like, “weren’t you a good girl this last year Mom?”

Well, it kinda bugged me a bit. It wasn’t a huge deal as I realize what Christmas is really all about but still…

Fill her stocking!

Several years ago, my friend Anne and I were talking and had a great idea. We decided that for our Christmas presents to each other, we would FILL EACH OTHER’S stockings!

That little Christmas treat was so much fun and still is years later. In fact, as far as the gift part goes it is probably my favorite.

Now every Christmas morning I feel that little bit of childish eagerness that I felt in my own past Christmases! It is so much fun!

This is what we do and I hope some of you have the time to do this in time for this Christmas. If not shelf it for next year.

Make it a plan

#1 set a price you both want to spend

#2 gather little trinkets that you know your friend would like. I know my friend loves knitting and crocheting, so I try to add little accessories for that. Things like winter tights, small notepads, hair accessories, costume jewelry, spices etc. One year I got these little dish scrubbers, that were the shape of a woman, and each had different hair color. I picked red to match hers, so cute!

And oh yeah, I forgot Chocolate! We can’t forget that!

It is so much fun putting these things together and it doesn’t take much extra time. I can’t tell you how many times during the year that I see something small she would love.

#3 I then wrap them individually in tissue paper so she can’t see them when she puts them in her stocking 😉 If you live close by, just exchange your stockings and fill them then give them back (that way you can bypass the tissue paper)

stocking stuffers

We live in different states now so we have to ship our packages to each other now. No biggie just plan ahead.

We’ve done this for years now and both agree we wouldn’t want to give this up.  It’s the small things in life that add up, giving you that little bit of pleasure we so look forward to.

I know I don’t need to remind any of you what Christmas is all about. The love that we pour into one another, the appreciation and gratitude for all we have right now, is what counts most.




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