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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Mercury Retrograde Energy Detox and Lifestyle Upgrade


Buckle your seatbelts it’s that time of year again when Mercury goes retrograde from December 3-22. This is the perfect time for an energy detox so you can upgrade your life, business, and health.


One of the things I love (and sometimes not so much) about Mercury Retrograde is that it allows us to finally clear things that may have been causing us to live undesirable life patterns and repeat histories (even from our ancestors)


If you work with energy it’s a prime time to zero in on the emotions that rise up over these next few weeks and really give yourself the added support to change.


Our subconscious carries a lot of hidden information and when we are in the mercury zone it’s so much easier to tap into what has been previously buried so deep it was next to impossible to see it, let alone shift it into a higher vibration.


This is a time when we more easily receive messages and divine guidance, so make sure you’re paying very close attention. You have Universal support. Know that the Universe has your back. Really accept that and things will flow so much easier.


This isn’t always the most comfortable time though… Old feelings from repressed memories conflicts and beliefs start to nag you at every turn. But instead of burying or denying them grab this opportunity to do some long deserved house cleaning and when it’s all over you’ll feel so much lighter and free.


The best way to really dig into this Mercury Retrograde is:


1: Allow your memories, emotions, and beliefs to surface.

2: Journal about how you’re feeling, what still bugs you and what triggers the hell out of you. Dial into how you truly feel about all of it.

3: Take a look at the highest priority memory or emotions (the ones that have the most charge) that are driving you crazy and allow yourself to let them go. I like to use EFT, The Healing Codes, and NES Scanning, which are powerful clearing tools, to help with this energy detox. More can lift faster and you can do a massive life shift.

4: Be open to the new found clarity that settles in and take advantage of it.


You may find that you are able to navigate and tune into your intuition much easier than before! Woooop Wooop, TRUST IT!


And remember to be easy on yourself during these weeks. There are a lot of miscommunication that comes with Mercury so think before you speak, read things triple times and be careful when signing any new contracts (I avoid that as much a possible)


There can be a lot of tech difficulties as well and it’s notorious during this period, I also avoid any large purchases especially when electronics are involved.


If at any time you are feeling discomfort make sure:


1: You are drinking enough water

Energy needs water to move and you want to makes sure clearing out those old stuck energy emotions have an easy ride out!

2: Take a Sea salt bath.

They are not only relaxing but help you ground yourself and feel more balanced and stable.

3: Get Plenty of sleep.

Sleep helps everything and it also can bring you some amazing dreams and messages during this phase.


Ok, it’s time to clean out some old to make room for a better new year. And hey, let us know in the comments how your Mercury Retrograde is going so far in the comments below. We want to hear all about it.



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