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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Have you noticed the small steps in your healing?

I’ve been having so many new emails come in lately with positive results from the energy healing techniques I use.

It was really easy deciding to post about them here.

This letter is from a client that I’ve been working with for many months now. Through her effort and consistency she has been seeing some great shifts in her life.

Here is what she had to say (with her permission and names changed for her privacy)

A client’s observations

“Hi Melissa,

First, the background anxiety is gone.   And the fog is mostly gone.

And I noticed that the skin on my left temple which was puckered — like burn scar tissue (and I don’t know why it’s been that way for years) is now normal.  No longer puckered.   I just noticed it in the bathroom mirror before we left for Florida, and I keep going to the mirror to look at it . . . Also, my left elbow was discolored and had rough skin.  I noticed that maybe last year???   I kept putting lotion and tea tree oil, etc on it but it didn’t change.  It didn’t get any larger.

I wondered if it was some type of eczema or psoriasis or something.    Anyway, the rough skin is gone and the color has faded a lot.

And here’s a couple of things that I noticed that may have nothing to do with the codes, but a couple of weeks ago I went to the chiropractor because my back was so tight.

I realized after my adjustment that she did not adjust my lower back.  I mentioned that to her and she said, no you weren’t out.   That may have been the first time, ever, that my lower back hasn’t been out because I sit all day at a desk.  So, I wondered at the time . . . .The Healing Codes??

No Pain after exercising

Then, in Florida, John and I rented bicycles and rode around the community for about 45 minutes.  Now, I haven’t been on a bike in about 15 or more years.  The ride was fun and I thought my leg muscles would be screaming in ten minutes but my muscles were fine, I was just sweating and wanted to quit because of the heat (and no air in the condo, you know).  I thought the next morning my leg muscles would be feeling it, but no, nothing.  I was fine.  That REALLY surprises me.  Again, don’t know that The Healing codes would have anything to do with this, but just noticing.

Also — and I always wonder if it’s my imagination or not — but it seems that with the last code I felt the energy in my mouth when I did the code.  That’s the first time I’ve felt anything there.  So I’m wondering if FINALLY the code/energy is being allowed into the area I wanted to work with after other blocks have been cleared.

I “felt” today that this code is weakening, so let’s move on!”

Continuing to see results!

This email is such an excellent example of working through the layers and what can be possible in your own journey.

I wanted to note that this client never directly worked on these issues she described in her email. It doesn’t matter though, when you lift the stress, it is amazing how your body has the energy to send where it’s needed.

As always we are working on the spiritual issues of the heart and not on any symptom. The Healing Codes work on the emotional root sources from memories, images, and beliefs that cause stress and block your energy from flowing easily.

By clearing the stress these things are causing you, your body is able to do what God originally intended and that is self-heal.

Simply put, working with the energy healing techniques I use to bring balance and alignment, allowing your body to use its own resources and return to its natural state.

I encourage you to continue on, be consistent and look for the small changes along the way.

And if you get Stuck…

And as always if you get stuck I’m here to help. You can email me with your questions or schedule a session with me by clicking HERE.



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