Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Are you ready for this New Moon and Eclipse energy?


It can amp up the results in your business, wealth and health… I mean everything if you know how to use it and actually put some muscle behind your intention!


Well, Today’s NEW MOON is a great time to plant seeds in your business. If you’re feeling off today and tomorrow Watch the video.



1st off the new moon is powerful in setting the intention for what you want to create so use it every month. It can really help you up-level your wealth, health and business… all of it.


And we all know that everything is energy including your business.


Oh and this New moon has an eclipse tied to it so it can be even buzzier and it will need you to be very clear to allow new opportunities to find you. 


It’s all about what you need to change and that can be uncomfortable so try to relax and embrace it in whatever way calls you… Think boundaries, setting new routines, and being very clear in relationships asking for what you need and want. You’ll thank yourself later.


If you feel extra unsettled ask yourself, “Why is this happening FOR me.” And flow with that new knowledge.


Check out some of my rituals that amp the New Moon energy up in my latest video… 




Somethings I like to do…


First off my energy can be wonky during New moons so I make sure I’m grounded by planting my feet on the earth, sand, grass etc. I also drink a TON OF WATER. The new moon tends to move a lot of energy and that’s why sometimes you feel achy or have some brain fog. Sometimes it’s just nervous energy or fatigue. You just know something is off.



  • Brainstorm. Put on a paper all the thoughts you have had to what you want to create. This gets it out of your head and more physical so you can take a closer look and choose what it’s meant for you to move forward with.
  • Write down a list of what you want to accomplish this Summer or this Year!
  • Make a list of small steps toward reaching those goals.

In your business that could be list building and what you need to get your list pumped up. Maybe make a new opt-in form of a helpful video series or pdf and create a landing page inviting them to get it. Easy.

  • If you are looking for new clients then be active in groups, reach out to people and see how you can help. You can also instant message people. 
  • If you are working on your website copy, maybe reach out to peers to give them their opinion on if it’s hitting the mark. Is it helping them understand you and what you are offering? Does it hit your ideal clients’ pain points? Does it tell them how you can help solve their problem? Does it spark interest?
  • Health could be included in this.
  • Physical energy ties to your soul energy and even moving your beliefs and other blocks keeping you stuck
  • What thought patterns are you wanting to clear… write those suckers down! They start clearing especially right now during the new and full moon.


You can download my Free Energy block clearing method by signing up HERE and get the mp3 and video. You will LOVE it. I’ll post the link in the comments too.


And oh yeah, the new moon is also a great time to collaborate with others…


Notice anyone you think would be complementary to your goals and plans and reach out to get together in person, phone or Zoom. You never know what great joint venture can happen.


The thing to remember is, this is a time to plant your dreams and goals and then send them along the way for the next step which is the manifesting period, where your goals are reached. Woooohoooo. Make it a beautiful journey!


If you’re ready to uplevel and give your business income a massive jolt this month, learn this free 2-minute energy boosting method HERE. 




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