Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Ask for the Moon

As I was talking to a friend this weekend she was voicing her worry over her son getting into a specific school. She wanted him to be accepted to one in particular and felt it would be the best for him.

So many of us ask for specific things or events to happen for us. This could be a raise or maybe something physical like a disease to heal. Really it can be anything.

But when you are putting solid requests out, just make sure you aren’t limiting yourself.

Trust it will work out… 

I explained it to my friend this way. If your Son doesn’t get into that school, look at it as a blessing. What if your request is granted, he gets accepted into that school and is miserable? Maybe he doesn’t find the right friends there, or just has a hard time. I asked her what she really wants for her Son. She told me she wanted him to be accepted, to get the best education and to be happy. The advice I gave her was to ask for those things, but not to put the attachment of a specific school to that request. Really all she wants, in the end, is for her son to be happy and content.

By still having a goal, but removing the limits, you are opening yourself up to even better results than your imagination first gave you. This could be for business, health or anything really.

Remove any limits

Why not ask for more? And why not remove the limits? Why not just say ” I pray that “anything” that will bring a higher success to me right now is brought to me?

Better yet, while doing The Healing Codes ask, “that all known blocks, whether they are memories or beliefs, or anything keeping me from (__________________) (state your issue, like, my complete health, or my business success), be found open and healed, for my greatest good.

Focus on the best outcome

While doing the actual code visualize yourself, or a loved one, successful and bursting with excitement.

Another way to ask is to say,  “I ask for this or better.” If you are asking for better financial security wouldn’t it be better to be able to pay your bills and have more left over? You know you’re covered if you ask for the specific amount, but you are BETTER off opening yourself up for more abundance.

You can see that the sky is not the limit, it goes far beyond that. We can remove all limitations and open ourselves up to more than we ever imagined. Go for it!

I want to hang a sign up saying “No Limits Allowed


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