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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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No Pain, No Gain…

Do you believe that hard work is the way to gaining your health? That by pushing harder, doubling even tripling your efforts, while doing your Healing Codes, will get you to your goal faster?

If 3 codes a day are doing good, then 6 would be even better right?

That is the way we have been taught. If you work hard, then you’ll get ahead. In some cases, this can work great. Being known as a hard worker or a great earner is a plus in life!

But I need to ask you a question. Are you doing your codes more often, because of old programming that is telling you that you HAVE to?

Maybe you have beliefs like “No Pain, No Gain.”

But how does this work when it’s toward healing?

Yes if you have had an injury, you may need to go through physical therapy for a time and that does require some work.

But what about just general overall healing?

I want you to think about The Healing Codes and how you are using those.

While it’s true that doing more codes may be helpful in your progress, it does depend on the ‘WHY’ you are wanting to do more.

Like I said before if it’s tied to old beliefs, or you are trying to force your healing by pushing it through harder, then you are actually on a slower healing path.

I have just posted an article on ThehealingCodes.com site called A Big Clue In Using The Healing Codes, which you can read HERE. It explains how letting go of detachments is way more helpful than pushing or resisting when it comes to healing. In my opinion, this applies to any goal or expectations you may have.

Many people have the impression that the harder they work for their healing, the faster and more effective it will be.

It’s very different with The Healing Codes. When you relax more, everything unfolds much easier. When you push it, you’re creating more resistance. Definitely NOT what you want.


What I have seen is that when you relax and ease away from your expectations, you actually are carried at a higher speed to your end results.

AND…  In a lot of cases, you actually exceed your expectations.

If you are finding it hard to relax and not ‘push’ or ‘allow’, I would start with a Healing Code or a Custom Healing Code on that need to push feeling.

I realize that some may feel that focusing their healing code session on a something besides their actual goal or desire may be wasting time.

I’m here to tell you, that those seemingly unrelated feelings, could be what is blocking your healing in a big way.

So taking some time to code on those issues first could actually speed your progress with greater impact.

Sometimes the biggest blocks are what we least expect.

I hope that you take some time to explore the areas in you that may unfold some great pearls for your journey.


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