Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Prayer, Intention, Focus…

Whatever you want to call it, is important when you start work on improving any part of your life, including health, relationships, and Success.

It’s about connecting and focusing on what you want.

I believe connecting to God is so very important before starting any kind of energy work. It really doesn’t matter if it’s with The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code, The Law of Attraction or any of the other amazing tools out there.

Get Clear

That connection is what helps you focus and zero in on what you want help in and gets you clear on the results you want.

For me, it actually amplifies the power of everything I do. It can make the difference in how strong a session is, whether it’s a client or one on myself.

Power UP!

I learned early on that if I don’t take the time to pray before I start my work it can weaken the results. So you can probably imagine I do A LOT of praying!

Do you need a specific prayer?

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I have many clients asking me what to say specifically and that’s fine. In fact, it can be quite helpful, especially when you first get started and aren’t as comfortable with it. Trust me it gets easier over time and you’ll find more than enough words coming through.

Connect and Let The Energy Flow To You and Through You

There really is no magic prayer or specific words you can say. It’s really about connecting to your maker and letting the energy flow to you and through you.

That connection… that gift from God, the healing energy, is what is doing the work. Not us.

We are just allowing it to go where it’s needed and using these wonderful tools to direct where we would like it to go.

And with that being said, we are amazing beings and our bodies and souls are excellent at prioritizing what is the most important thing to work on first.

Let Go and Let God

So even if you’re unsure of what would be best to work on, or what to ask for, God, your higher self, and the Universe know. Just ask for what you want but with the intention of allowing God to work in the highest possible way for your greatest good.

And realize that it could take some time.

We’ve built up a Ton of stuff over our lifetime and then throw in any generational stuff and you’ve got a lot of baggage!

So if your physical or emotional issue isn’t resolving quick enough for you, just remember there may be something far more important that your body is working on right now. Let go and have faith that everything is working FOR you and has your absolute best interest in mind. You are able to self-heal in every way imaginable.

That’s how God designed all of us.


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