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Writing & Wisdom

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I’m sure you’re here because your Quinoa has been tasting suspiciously like dirt.

Or as some of my more refined friends will say really Earthy tasting. I don’t know what your problem is, I mean dirt is natural and it has a lot of great value, like growing all your veggies and stuff but I get it. I actually don’t like the taste of it either. I’ve heard about Quinoa is amazing and of course, love that it’s considered a Superfood. I’m into all things healthy whether it’s Energy medicine, fitness, recipes you name it. And I love sharing with anyone who is into living a well balanced healthy lifestyle.

Here are some benefits to this amazing Superfood.

1. It’s Gluten Free 2. It contains more vitamins and antioxidants than any other grain around. Iron, Lysine, magnesium, manganese, and riboflavin to name a few. 3. It has twice as much fiber. 4. It’s protein rich! 5. It’s an alkaline food.

So does your Quinoa still taste like dirt?

A while ago I decided to make some quinoa. It sounded easy and the directions where so similar to making rice, it should be a no-brainer, right? After making it I was totally disgusted with how it tasted. I mean truly Yuck, bitter and just plain gross. I did try it a few more times and got the same results. The look on my husband’s face was enough to make me give it up on this so-called tasty dish. Lucky for me we got a second chance

It depends on how it’s prepared.

We where at a July 4th get together and one of the people brought this recipe that looked so good. I was a little apprehensive from those other experiences but thought, “What the Heck.” What a pleasant surprise. I LOVED it! I even put a small amount on my husband’s plate and he loved it as well. That is a huge hurdle! After learning that the gal that made this dish had a food blog with the instructions on how to make Quinoa properly, I got very excited! Her name is Lyn Ashby and she’s a foodie from Australia living in Montana. Her website is called lifestylemenu.com and is fantastic!

Back to the Quinoa

I just made it for the first time with awesome results. I’m a messy cook… There are so many ways to change it up, so get your creative hat on and give it try.  I couldn’t find Pomegranates so I just left them out. At the party, Lyn used goat cheese instead of feta and that was great too. In the end, it’s plain yummy whichever way you decide to make it.

This gal knows how to make good Quinoa!

[Tweet “Your Quinoa doesn’t have to taste like dirt.”] Here is the link to Lyn’s recipe that I used CLICK HERE or http://www.lifestylemenu.com/pomegranate-and-quinoa-salad/ and there’s a link to the basic Quinoa cooking instructions in that post as well, but here’s a link to that page HERE. I just know you’ll be as pleased as I am about this, especially if you have really wanted to get on the Quinoa bandwagon of goodness. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any good Quinoa recipes. I am open to trying as many variations as I can.


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