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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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During a session with a client a few days ago, something was brought up that he had seen earlier.

We were discussing early memories associated with his limiting beliefs that were holding him back from success in his business.

Earlier that week he was in the gym pool and noticed this little boy in cowboy boots with a starched button-down shirt hanging open. He was running full bore, legs pumping hard, straight to the pool with so much energy and excitement. The biggest toothy grin was on his face and nothing was going to get in his way!

My client asked, “What happens to that part of us? When did we lose that love and freedom in life?”

You remember…to just be able to race around and feel that amazing power, that we can do anything.

These are important keys to ask ourselves as we work toward our goals.  Many of us have felt complete, happy and healthy at a certain point in our lives.

Somewhere along the way something happens and throws us off track.  If you slow down enough to take a closer look, you’ll see this is a great healing opportunity.

Everything comes up perfectly timed to heal and clear from our internal programming.

I asked him if he had an early time in his life when he felt a huge loss of freedom and love for life.

He answered right away. I didn’t have to do any testing at all to help him find that early memory.

He said it was a time when his family moved from the city. They had bought a house right on the outskirts of town.

He had loved living in town and was thrown into major stress over it.

Baseball was his passion and being able to bike to all his practices was very important to him. He also loved the freedom and control he had being able to hang out with all his friends who lived close by.

For him, that move has sucked!

The stress that overcame him during that time was monumental in his life. There was no family discussion involved with this move and he felt he had no say whatsoever.  The loss of freedom, the feeling that he wasn’t heard and that his opinion wasn’t relevant, rooted itself deep within him.

Beliefs like, “What I do or say doesn’t matter,” and “Nothing will change no matter what I do,” can take the driver’s seat in our lives if we let them continue.

Using great tools like The Healing Codes, EFT, TFT and many other techniques can make a big difference in clearing a lot of old negative programming.

There are so many good choices.

Taking some time to address your negative memories and limiting beliefs can make the difference in being successful in business and in plain old life.

It can also make the difference in getting that part of you back. The part that loves to have fun and run carefree, with or without cowboy boots 😉

I say choose to live life to it’s fullest!

Reclaim your inner child!


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