Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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As I’m sitting here in beautiful Maui, enjoying this wonderful island, I am counting my blessings.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my family and trying to imprint these memories as deep as I can into my heart. In fact, I’m excited to have more of these images to stash away in my own personal memory vault.

These are great examples that I can draw on at any time I am using the Healing Codes. Memories that are filled with the most love and gratitude have the highest vibrations. These also carry the most punch in healing power as well.

That’s always a big plus.

Any great images you have stored in your mind, with the highest positive charges, are going to carry the most impact. Those will carry you faster to your dreams and goals.

I know I’ve said before that The Healing Codes even work without a love picture, and they do. But, they really are the most effective with one.

I get so tickled, seeing my new clients get jacked up with how quickly their positive images change their current state of mind.

I love that.

You see, as you are neutralizing the accumulated negative feelings from your heart, it leaves so much space for change.

Your creativity and clarity, which have been held down, can now rise to the surface and explode with new positive growth.

How you felt about things can now simply shift you into a new, better perspective.

The Healing Codes memory finder

Fresh perspectives allow freedom to move forward. They allow you let go of the baggage you don’t need anymore.

Fresh perspectives also give you more free time. We all could use some of THAT, right?

As you let go of your old views, you don’t visit those bad memories or trains of thought as often. You know, the ones that suck you back into a waste of your precious time and energy.

Fresh new ideas will flood your mind with excitement. Now you are ready to fly high on your next adventure.

This is the state you need to be in to truly be open to success in every area of your life. Please don’t limit success to only business. ย Think in terms of success as a way of attaining better health, relationships, AND business.

Success covers a HUGE amount of space.

So store those memories for use anytime you need them. I think you’ll be grateful you have them to use at the perfect time.

And most of all remember to enjoy the moment… It’s when all the good stuff happens!



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