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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Today we’re talking about goals.


Goals can be a real sticky subject because a lot of people feel anxiety and overwhelm. I’m not immune to this. I used to fight against setting my goals because of one important thing to me… They would take my freedom.


If I had to set a goal that meant I had to follow through and I had to plan so I couldn’t be spontaneous anymore and that felt like shackles instead of freedom. So, I wanted to show you how to set one goal that can help you reach higher income fast with less work and overwhelm.


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Here are my steps to reverse working my goals.


1. One Goal for 3 Months.


Choose one main goal for a three-month period. Super important.  If it’s January 1st, you’re going to put that main goal for the end of March, and that’s going to be the goal you’re trying to meet. Everything else that you’re trying to achieve is going to work backward from that goal.


2. Plan all your content to point to your one Goal.


Now that you have the main goal all promotions, videos and anything that you’re trying to help others with are going to be pointed at the end result of reaching that goal. So, if you have a program that you’re working on currently or maybe it’s something you’ve already created, then put it down for three months from now. That’s your end goal, and most of your content would have that in mind., like doing live videos or podcast or posts… In some way, they will all be pointing people in that direction.

Maybe it’s to a challenge a few weeks before your program starts. For that challenge, you’d start talking about those topics a month before you even start offering the challenge. You can see where, if the goal is the end of March, then in January you’ll want to start talking about some of the subjects or the topics around your challenge.


Make sure you give little pointers and tips along the way. You can give actually 25% of whatever it is that you’re trying to sell in the end. That is a good value for your followers. It’s great content and enough to help solve a problem and let them know who you are, what you’re doing and that you’re an expert in your field and can really help them.


3. How you promote is important.


Next, you’re going to work on creating your promotions including social media, blog posts and emails. Make sure you look through old content that would line up with your new main goal. If you know me, you know I’m the big repurpose queen. You can take parts of your old content, freshen it up some and reuse it. No need to always start from scratch.


I love to use every piece of content to the MAX! What that looks like is if I do a video and put it on Youtube. I’ll also strip the audio from the video and I’ll put that into a podcast. So, you’ll probably see this in one of my podcast episodes as well. It’s really fun and easy to do that and creating a lot of content.


You can also put this video into your blog post and all along, you’re gaining the recognition, getting the credibility that you know about your subject and getting to know your people.


4. Revise and Refine.


Now, here’s the big kicker. If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed about your goal, go ahead and look back. So, I bought a huge desk calendar and I actually wrote my goal and actions needed so I could see it all in one place. I wrote down three months in advance and I was so freaked out…


I put way too many things on there, and yes, they were pointing toward my goal. Well, I take that back, I’m lying. One of them wasn’t pointing toward my end goal. So what did I do? I went in and I erased it and took that sucker out. I  thought, “What am  I doing? I’m wasting my time here.


These are the things that overwhelm me and that take me away from my end result.”


So, I took that out, but everything else that was in there was aligned to what I wanted to create in the end. I could see it, and then I could work my schedule backward. I could see emails I was going to send out. What the topics were for a video series could be, podcast episodes, all of it.


So, if you only schedule three months out, it’s super easy and you’re not overwhelming yourself with the whole year in advance. Plus, let’s face it, things change. I mean, we’re building a new house and so we could end up moving at any time and that could really disrupt the schedule.


If I only plan three months out and I need to take a month off while I’m getting myself settled back in, I can. Three months is perfect.


5. Never underestimate Your Sabotaging Beliefs and Upper limits.


If at any time you find that you’re just too overwhelmed, or you can’t find the goal that you want to set, or you’re feeling like you have a lot of negative self-talk, like


  • You weren’t able to do it before so why do you think you can do it now?
  • I can’t do this…
  • Who do I think I am?
  • Other people out there are doing a better job than me.
  • There are too many people out there selling what I sell.


All these beliefs can come crashing in…


If that happens to you, it’s a good time to look at the deeper issues. Those are the limiting beliefs and blocks keeping you stuck from even setting the goal in the first place. So, what I use is an energy clearing tool called the Quantum Key Method. It helps align your chakras, meridian points, your acupoints to help make sure that everything’s aligned at the highest possible vibration, clearing out any negative beliefs and thought patterns so that you can actually feel excited and good about setting those goals. It just takes a few moments to clear out these things.


So, what do you say? Give it a try. Here’s the link to join the free course so you can learn the Quantum key Method- http://bit.ly/QuantumKeyMethod


It’s super easy, takes just a few minutes, and every time you come up with something that you know is sabotaging you, you can use it for almost anything. Just try it on everything. You’re going to love it. So, click HERE, get the free course, try it on anything that’s blocking you from setting and reaching your goals today and let us know in the comments how it’s worked for you.


I’d love to hear more about it. And don’t forget, you can visit my website at melissazoske.com and you learn more about me on my podcast the Energy of Business and Life Show


P.S. If you’re looking for a community that will help you manifest more and shine in your life, health and biz Join our Facebook group Shining Mentors + Successful Entrepreneurs. We want to help you reach your dream. See you there!



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