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Let’s talk about what the sacral chakra does and how it can affect you, your money, and other parts of your life and business. 


The Chakras are all about how you feel.


It has a lot to do with your passion and is located right below the belly button, right above the pubic bone. It’s the color orange. It is such a powerful chakra because it’s really what is rooted in our desires. It’s that spark of passion where we want to put our energy toward and take inspired action steps toward. This chakra is one of my favorites because it holds where the money vibration is. 


You really want to make sure that this Chakra is in alignment when you are working toward financial goals. And lots of things can derail you from this if that chakra is out of alignment.


Watch my full video on this topic below.



 Some of the things to look for an imbalance Sacral Chakra are:


  • Beliefs around not having enough money.
  • If you have money, maybe you are always worried about losing it. 
  • You avoid thinking about money.
  • You don’t want to know about how much money you have in the bank. 
  • Avoiding talking about money. 
  • Avoid thinking about money. 


A lot of times that’s because we fear that if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, then you shouldn’t be talking about money because it’s not spiritual. But you know, money is how we trade. It’s how we buy things. 


If we have negative thinking about money, obviously, it’s going to become more of a negative problem. So making sure that your sacral is in alignment and you’re not worried about money that can make a massive difference. 


Another misalignment is if you are having low self-worth, this can come into play when your beliefs like:


  • “I’m not worthy of having money.”
  • “I’m not worthy of having clients or getting new ones.”
  • “My program is not really valuable enough to bring in the kind of clients that I want.” 
  • “I’m bad with money.” 
  • “I just don’t save.” 
  • “I’m a spender, not a saver.”


Those are all beliefs and beliefs are just things that you tell yourself over and over again until you believe it. And then it feels true even when it’s not.  


If you believe that you’re bad with money, and you’re telling yourself that every day, your cells hear it and send out this type of negative energy to the universe.


When your Sacral Chakra is inactive


You may have difficulty living in this moment. If you’re always looking forward or looking in the past, blaming the past or worrying about the future, worrying about whether you’ll have enough in the future then you’re not living in the now.


What can you do right now? 


Live in this moment by writing in a daily gratitude journal. Write down 3 things every day that you are grateful for.


This helps you to see what good you have at this moment and draws your energy to a more positive vibration.


Another sign you have an imbalanced Sacral Chakra


  • You’re emotionally disconnected. 
  • Always having your guard up.
  • Not trusting people.
  • Always self-protecting. You miss a lot of opportunities.


I don’t know about you but I used to miss opportunities all the time. I would miss it by a day or miss that connection with an important person to collaborate with… It was such a bummer!


It may feel like just a lot of bad timing but really it’s because your energy is not on, it’s not spinning or vibrant. It’s not pulling in those good opportunities. So you’re not able to really see the full benefits of what your energy can really bring into you. And it can bring in a lot of opportunities if it’s aligned. 


And there’s so much more! Watch the full Talk about Your Sacral Chakra and how it can make or break your finances, watch the video above. 


Or if you like to listen more Listen to the Podcast Episode HERE.  


And don’t forget how easy it can be to align your energy to wealth and abundance with one of my free tools. You can grab them below.







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