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Are you saying Yes to Success or living in FOMO? If you’re constantly saying yes to clients that aren’t ideal you may be subconsciously sabotaging yourself… 


Dialing it down to what you want in business is not just about making money… It’s not just about what you want to sell, promote or what kind of coaching you want to do either. 


You could be a realtor, a homebuilder, a health coach. Whatever that is for you, it’s all about how you want that business to make you feel and offer you long term. We are all so different in that way.


Today we’re talking about making room for receiving ideal clients. We don’t always realize that when we take up space with clients that are not ideal, we’re actually taking away the chance to get our absolute favorite clients in. 


And I know that there’s a lot of money fear around this, like fear of lack that if you don’t take this person, then you’re going to lose out on potential income. But actually, that fear is what you need to work on, that fear of lack, the fear of missing out, or FOMO, all that stuff that comes with that fear of not taking anyone and everyone to make money in your coaching practice.


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Who is actually your ideal client? Do you even know?


The easiest way to figure out who your ideal client is by thinking about how you want to feel while working with them. When we settle and take anyone we often end up with:


  • Clients that make us doubtful of our work.
  • Feeling less confident with our work and ability to help.
  • Thoughts and beliefs surface around not being good enough. 
  • Clients that just aren’t committed to doing their work that’s required to do with your coaching.


You know, we all have those kinds of people in our lives, but when it comes to clients, there are easy straight forward ways to attract clients you love. 


Speak to your Ideal Client as if they are right in front of you.


The first thing is you want to make sure that you’re actually speaking to your ideal client when you’re out there marketing yourself like I am right now on this call.


It’s very important to know who those people are so you can speak to their needs and struggles directly. 


You want to make sure that you are looking for:


  1. Clients that light you up. 
  2. People that you’re excited to be around.
  3. Who appreciate you and the work you do to help them.


Maybe you’re a coach that’s really a soother, for example, if you’re a health coach, one of your zones of genius is to soothe their fears, and that’s where you shine, because you help them feel stable and secure about their choices, helping them make the most educated decisions, because that’s who you are. 


Or maybe you’re a motivator, and you’re the one that’s cheering them on saying, “Let’s get going,” and you’re holding them accountable, with cheers like, “We’re going to do this, let’s make it happen.” Maybe that’s the kind of coach you are. Maybe you’re a mix but the important thing is to be working with the type of person that you can really connect with in a positive way.


If you are solely focused on just getting any kind of client it can drag you down… If you’re a motivator, and you grab a client that you know in your gut feeling is not going to move forward, at the end of the day, you’re going to feel crappy about yourself and your coaching, because you couldn’t get that person to move.


So if you get that gut feeling in the beginning, and you feel like this person isn’t going to get it done, then you need to admit that you aren’t a fit and this won’t work. It’s time to move on. When you do that, you’re making room for that next ideal client to take that space. 


If you go against this and decide to take someone that just isn’t a fit and you only have room for three clients, your most favorite type of client could come next, and you’ll have to turn them away because you don’t have room, that would really suck.


Don’t worry about letting some people go because they’re probably the perfect fit for maybe a peer, somebody else that you know would be more beneficial for them, so you refer them out to that colleague and vice versa. I refer people out all the time. If I feel like they’re not a match for me, then I’m more than happy to refer those people out, and I do it often, and it’s a beautiful thing. 


That’s what we’re here for, right? We’re here to collaborate, joint venture, share because not everybody is a perfect fit for everyone.


What about mismatched clients you are already working with?


There are few ways to get yourself aligned better and my favorite is by using my Quantum Key Method and work on that underlying feeling of “I can’t make anybody happy,” or “I can’t do anything right.” or any belief systems surrounding it and you can start to shift that sucker fast.


Steps to Clear out the Blocks


1: Look for the emotion… 


Maybe it was a first-grade teacher saying something that bothered you. I remember a first-grade teacher that made me feel like I was nothing, and I had to work on that first-grade memory and that feeling of not being important. Once I did that, the floodgates opened, because everything is energy. What we put out, we get back, right?


Even now, sometimes I’ll find myself putting out energy, and then I’m like, “Ahh.” Okay, so I’m putting out weird energy, I need to work on that within myself so that I don’t attract the negative, right? That’s what I want for you guys. 


So if you’re having a trigger, or you having a feeling with a client, like “I’m not good enough, She’s not happy, they’re not happy, nobody’s happy with me. Nobody wants me. Nobody wants my type of work.” That type of thinking… I want you to grab that feeling. How does that make you feel? 


2: Look for an earlier time in your life when you felt something similar…


Look for that earlier memory with a similar feeling. This is the key to clearing this out.


You can also look at inherited traits like a grandparent that had that same kind of tendency, you could say, my grandparents’ memories around this type of feeling because then we can go generational, and I do that within my groups, as well as my one-to-one coaching. 


I actually have a type of energy testing to find several generations back that you’d have no idea of where those types of beliefs are trapped, and they’re now held in your cellular memories, in your DNA. 


So, when I’m working with this with people, it’s amazing how incredibly helpful it is to really dial this down and start clearing this stuff out so that you can start attracting the people that you do want.


3: Use Energy to Clear it out


Once you have the emotion and any early memory that seems similar and still charged use the Quantum Key Method to clear it out. You can get it for free HERE.


Look at the positive.


So, a lot of times, if you already have a client that you really shouldn’t have taken a look at that as a positive for now. It’s already a done deal, you’re working with that person, so the gold nuggets you learn from this are going to help you clear it out today so that you don’t continue to take more people like that in the future. Once that is clear you also start attracting the clients that you do want. 


All these experiences are giving you clues for what you need to work on, and the most efficient way to work on it is using either some kind of energy work… I love my Quantum Key Method. It clears stuff out quickly on multiple levels. 


You could also use EFT, you can use a Healing Code, NLP, any of those things are helpful. You just have to find that emotion, what you’re feeling like, any beliefs or memories associated with it. The earliest, highest-charged is usually the best clue. And then from there, you can move forward and start attracting more of the ideal clients that you do want to work with. 


Once you have that vision, that feeling of what you want to attract and who you want to attract, then you’re actually going to be speaking in your words and your language to that person. For instance, I always talk about burnout, I talk about stress, I talk about entrepreneurs that want to give up, and they’re so on the brink of losing their health because they’re so tired. 


They have all these emotions and feelings going on around whether they should give up or not. You will usually see or hear this in my vocabulary, if you go to my website, melissazoske.com, you’ll see I’m talking to my ideal client in my copy there.


Now, I still get people that aren’t entrepreneurs sometimes, because they just resonate with my energy, and so I usually have a discovery call with them, and I feel into it, and yes, I’ve taken a few people that aren’t entrepreneurs, because I really aligned with their belief system. Their life was rolling along at a pace where they were feeling that burnout and overwhelm, so I was able to help them too, and I kept them. 


Every now and then, I’ll get somebody that I have to refer out. But you can see that how I talk to people, the videos I put out, are usually linked to my ideal client and what they’re going through.


Release your blocks and build your business.


As you’re releasing the negative thoughts and patterns and letting go of the people that are not a match for you, sometimes you’re allowing them to be a perfect match for someone else. 


That’s why there’s always enough business to go around and there’s plenty of clients out there. If you don’t get this client today, you have an even better client tomorrow coming in. 


So, everything’s a gold nugget, guys. Enjoy those times when you feel at peace and everything’s rolling, and then it gets a bit more stressful, try to shift your thoughts that this is being great guidance for you. All this is doing is giving you the emotional breadcrumbs back to the root cause of why you’re feeling the way you feel so that you can clear it out and start feeling amazing again. 


That’s the same energy that then goes out, and all by itself attracts those people back into your life that you’re looking forward to working with. It can also attract positive health; your cells light up when you feel that way, and they’re hearing, “Life is amazing, life is magical, life is worth living to the fullest,” and then you feel great. Any kind of health challenge starts to improve. So, you can see where this is all connected.


I hope this is helpful. You know I want the very best for you guys, so please check out the Quantum Key Method and just follow the tips I have there to help you start to align to your highest self so that you can have those ideal clients that you’re waiting for.



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