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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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What’s the secret to growth? Well, it’s very similar to how you tend your garden.

Sometimes it seems that we have to be very good at the waiting game when it comes to healing.

It can be frustrating at times doing your Healing codes and not be seeing the results you want right away, so we keep digging to see if anything is happening yet.

I don’t think you would be digging in your garden every day, just to see if the seeds you planted a week before where sprouting yet, right?

If you did that, even if they had started sprouting, you would rip their tender new roots right out! They would never continue on to become the beautiful, lush plant, that you originally imagined them to become.

You planted those seeds without even thinking about that. You dug a little hole, dropped the seeds in, every day you would water or fertilize them and maybe you’d do some careful weeding as the days went on.

Some plants take months to mature and some take years!

Take the Bamboo Tree for instance

Zig Ziglar tells his story of patience and how healing is similar to the growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. When these particular seeds are planted there isn’t much sign of growth, it seems like forever!

None… Nada… Zip…

Healing requires patience

The Farmer has to wait FIVE years to see anything! Can you imagine the Patience and TRUST that would take?

Then like a miracle, SHAZAM!! It sprouts! ANNDDDD it continues on and grows a HUGE amount, something like eighty feet in just six weeks!

What happened?

Do you think the farmers were doing some serious naked ritual dancing to get the amazing tree to grow? Probably not.

They just trusted and KNEW that the tree they planted, if tended properly would mature and grow to it’s fullest potential.

It took that long for that plant to work underground, growing its powerful root system. It spent those years building its own incredibly strong foundation so it could withstand almost anything once it broke ground.

I invite you to look at your healing in this same way.

Every time you do a Healing Code you are tending the seeds you have planted. It may take some time to even begin to see anything.

This is the time to release it and go about your days finding the things that inspire you and give you hope.

Don’t keep checking to see if your healing is taking root. After all, you don’t want to dig up those tender roots that are working so hard in your life to make the best foundation you could possibly ask for, right?

It’s your job to sit back and EXPECT your work to sprout in its own time.

achieve success

By doing this you are Allowing it to happen.  Getting out of your own way and just expecting your good to manifest in its own timing.

So have you done your planting today? Have you tended to your garden without disrupting it?

Every time you do anything that is relaxing and enjoying your life to the max, you are Allowing the fruit of your labor to gently grow from that love you are pouring over it.

Today I would like you to spend some time doing something that fulfills you in a positive way.

  • If you are artistic, have you gotten your medium of choice out lately?
  • Maybe you like to hike or take long walks.
  • Have you spent time reading a good book or watching a comedy that lifted your spirits?

Giving yourself a slice of happiness comes in all forms. Only you know what floats your boat.Let your garden do what it is meant to do and that is GROW~ click here to start your own growth.

Don’t you just LOVE gardens?


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