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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Today we’re talking about your solar plexus chakra and how it relates to your money. 


Your Solar Plexus chakra is all around your personal power. It’s about your ability to take action. This also includes your feelings about being in control or having a lack of control. So oftentimes we feel like we don’t have control in life. 


Willpower is a big part of this Chakra.


If you don’t have it, then you make choices that aren’t good because you don’t have the willpower to stick to a plan. Around money, that can be really hard because when you’re spending money, sometimes you overspend or we get in this pattern of spending and then all of a sudden, the money’s gone, there’s nothing left! You can see how that can hurt you in the money game.


The Solar Plexus is right around the stomach area and ties right into the gut instinct. You know how there are people that are really good at making money and have that great connection to their intuition especially with investing. They have a natural ability to just know when and what to invest in. They pay close attention to their gut instinct even if they don’t realize they are doing it.  


When your solar plexus is balanced and aligned and strengthened. You’re opening up whole new pathways to success.


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Once your Solar Plexus is balanced and aligned, you start to feel like you have this great instinct of what you should do next and what action steps to take. How empowering is that? 


It’s so empowering when you have that gut instinct all set up again and you’re connected and you feel amazing. You know what to do and when! And you have the willpower to take those action steps toward.


Step out of fear and into your power.


You can see how all this is connected. Opening up these pathways to success and happiness is key to being able to manifest your goals and dreams.


It’s especially huge when it comes to managing your money and taking ownership of the choices that you make around that. 


The solar plexus is right where your stomach is right above your belly button. It’s a bright yellow when it’s healthy and is connected to your relationships, your individuality, your self-esteem, unrefined emotions, and personal power again, as well as the feelings of being in control. 


Basically, when you have peace and trust that you’re doing everything that you should be doing based on your intuition and it feels good… that’s alignment! 


What about an inactive Solar Plexus?


When your Solar Plexus is inactive you can have low self-esteem, low self-worth and you don’t own your worth. You may often feel useless or powerless.


That is a sign that this area needs work, especially if you are a coach and are trying to bring on clients or sell programs.


When it’s balanced, you’re more confident, you have willpower and you have that drive to take those action inspired steps toward your goals and dreams. Nothing will get in your way you feel lit up. So you can see how all this is connected in opening up these pathways to success, happiness and that is key to being able to manifest your goals and dreams.


When it’s inactive it even affects opportunities and how you charge for your services or programs. Again, back to low self-confidence… That could stop you from charging what you’re worth. feeling like you’re not valuable enough to charge enough for your services or that you don’t have the skills to help others.


Balance the Solar Plexus! What are some things that you can do? 


1. Get some sun!


It’s very simple. With this chakra being yellow, sunlight is a great place to start. Get out there and soak up the sun. Maybe take a walk, you feel so invigorating and that keeps the energy flowing. If you do that when you’re feeling low, it’s amazing how it will pick you up. 


2. Let go!


The other thing is let go of unhealthy attachments, those things that you’re addicted to in some way. Maybe you’re hearing the negative news stories every day and you get addicted to that adrenaline in it. Let that go and feel your body relax.


3. Support and honor yourself.


Give yourself some TLC. Like making sure you have time every day to take a walk. That is so important for me to do especially during the winter months, if I can’t get out because it’s too cold, even getting on the treadmill, that movement is important for me and my well being. So that’s the TLC I give myself.


Other things I like are:

  • Skin brushing for lymphatic drainage is a good one to do. It helps move energy going and getting a massage. That’s great TLC. 
  • Get a massage
  • Asking for some energy work from others.
  • Take a creative class like painting.
  • Get a facial


Whatever you can do to give yourself that extra love is helpful in gaining back your balance.


Things start to feel better. You feel like when you walk, you’re taking steps lighter, you have a bounce to your step. You know that feeling like you wake up on the right side of the bed and you feel so good today and there’s no reason for it. You just feel like, wow, I feel good. That’s what this is all about.  Feeling good with whatever you’re doing in your life. 


When your energy is high like that.


All of a sudden, you start earning that higher income. You start surrounding themselves with new opportunities and take action steps toward what you want to create. It’s a beautiful thing and I want that for you. 


I want to see you succeed!


I would love to help you easily balance all your Chakras by using my Chakraline App. 


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